New England Colonies

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New England Colonies

  • Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • Connecticut Colony
  • Colony of Rhode Island and Providence
  • Providence of New Hampshire

~Why They Were Founded~

  • Plymouth: Individuals were disagreeing with the Anglican Church and separated from it. Thus they were called Separatists.
  • Massachusetts Bay: The puritans emigrated to the New World to freely practice their own religion. They espoused freedom of religion for other settlers.
  • New Hampshire: This was a planned colony, it was granted to Captain John Mason. He had sent settlers to build a fishing colony.
  • Connecticut: Colonist were moving into Connecticut, but it wasn't established as a colony until 1636.
  • Rhode Island: Roger Williams was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. For his beliefs of separation of church and state as well as freedom of religion.

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The Year They Were Founded, and Who Founded It

Geographical Features

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Massachusetts Bay

  • Has many several bays. As seen in the name of the colony.
  • Has very cold winters, and warm summers.
  • Fertile land.
  • Rich pasture.
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Connecticut Colony

  • Used sea to make a living.
  • Warm summers and cold winters.
  • Many hills.
  • Narrow lowlands.
  • Mountains filled with very thick trees.
  • And many rivers!

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Providence of New Hampshire

  • Rough, cold, damp climate.
  • Bad soil for farming. (Was hard and rocky).
  • Long periods of cold weather.
  • Relied on fish for food because of the cooler climate.
  • Very hot summers.

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Colony of Rhode Island and Providence.

  • Had many shipping ports.
  • Land was rocky along the coastline.
  • Warm summers.
  • Cold winters.
  • Several large bays and inlets.

Religion Had What Effect On Their Development?

Religion play a BIG role on their development of their region because it was involved in their government, their establishment, their public residents, and picking their freedom and rights.

Economic Conditions

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They were largely a fishing and farming communities. Most people made their own shoes and clothes. Most of their food was shipped back to England, although some was kept for themselves.
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Fun Facts!

  • These were all northern states in present days US.
  • Pilgrams came to America, because they had though God intended them to build a community.
  • Pilgrams planned to settle in Jamestown, but had ended up way up north.
  • Puritans considered marriage a civil union.
  • They used the Early American Currency system.