Maycomb Daily

Maycomb County - Dec 15, 1933

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First Snowfall in nearly 50 years

Today, this fateful morning, the heavenly pure white snow kissed the soil of Maycomb for the first time in 48 years.

Raging Fires

Midnight Tragedy

In the early hours today, Maycomb county awoke to the raging flames engulfing Miss Maudie’s house. Matters worsened as the Maycomb county firetruck bursted its hose due to the freeze of the early December day. All of Maycomb county were in the streets, men attempting to retrieve the valuables and furniture from the home, hearts stopped as the Mr Avery became trapped in the upstairs of the flaming house as the stairs burned out, Mr Avery only suffered minor injuries as he climbed out of an upstairs window to escape the flames. The Abbottsville firetruck was charging through the streets to reach Maycomb county and break the surging fire. Swiftly, the firetruck arrived and extinguished the blistering flames. In the conclusion of this ordeal, Miss Maudie still stays optimistic despite the tragic encounter, saying "Always wanted a smaller house, Gives me more yard. Just think, I’ll have more room for my azaleas now!”

Perspective has the power to change your world. Miss Maudie of our lovely Maycomb county is a perfect representation of this and we should all observe her values and learn. Why do we value our material things so much? Had it been any other Maycomb resident, they would be devastated. However today Miss Maudie displayed how much her values were placed in spiritual connection, rather than material objects. We should all reflect upon ourselves about where our values lie in life as Miss Maudie today has shown us the incredible power of perspective. Everyone of us should learn from the inspirational Miss Maudie, who was able to face the terrible tragedy as if it was a gift from god, by looking at the bright side of things. If we all can connect, and reorganize our values, our wonderful Maycomb county will become a even better place to live.

The Return of Maycomb's Legend

One Shot Finch

Today, on the streets of Maycomb, all of Maycomb witnessed a miracle. One Shot Finch was reborn, once again called to protect Maycomb from outside threats. This time however, it was a threat from the inside. Tim Johnson, the pet of Maycomb was discovered limping through Maycomb’s streets. Tim struck sickness, and was crazy and dangerous. Maycomb’s citizens bolt locked their doors and watched Tim slowly creeping across Maycomb’s deserted streets, looking deadly. The county sheriff Mr. Tate was accessing the emergency with Mr. Finch, they were the only two who stood outside to face Tim Johnson. Tim was creeping towards the backyard of the Radleys. the emergency escalated to require one shot to save the town from Tim, this was when Maycomb’s legend returned. Mr. Tate realizing the severity of the situation, handed his rifle to Mr. Finch and asked him to shoot, though hesitant, we saw for the first time in thirty years, One Shot Finch become one with the weapon, and shoot.

A Forgotten Myth

Maycomb Mystery

The mystery of Arthur “Boo” Radley is once again brought into the small spotlight of Maycomb county. Young Maycomb residents Jeremy Atticus “Jem” Finch and Jean Louis “Scout” Finch have been unfolding the forgotten myth of Boo Radley once again. The boy who was taken into his home one day as a teen, and hasn’t been seen again by any Maycomb residents in more than twenty years now. Rumours of Boo Radley have began to circulate throughout the county, with Jem and Scout and all their curious questions. Did Boo really stab his father while cutting up the Maycomb Tribute? Is Boo Radley really crazy, or is it all a misunderstanding? Does he still deserve to be trapped inside the Radley house after this long? How does his father, and now his brother keep him inside the house? There are so many questions, with Jem and Scout seeking answers, we will be informed soon for sure.

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