Transition Plus

Springing Forward Into Adulthood!

We are almost there!

Spring Break starts at the end of the week.

Please do whatever helps you need to in order to rest and rejuvenate. If you take care of yourself then you can be more fully present for our students.

Thank you to Greg, Luke and Laura for representing Transition Plus at the resource Fair at Davis on Saturday!

Sensory Check

Please remind students not to spray any perfume, cologne, or deodorant in the halls.

If they must do so, it should be outside or in the bathrooms.

Progress Reports!

Over 100 students do not have any Progress Reports for this school year. If at least 1 Progress Report is not completed and sent out on or before March 31st,

We will be marking them out of compliance. There are some exceptions (enrollment date) and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask Liz, Fay or Lindsey.

Food Service News- Potatoes!

This Wednesday we will be hosting a baked potato bar from 11:50-1:00.

Since all of our toppings are so popular we need to raise our price to $5.00.

Fresh ingredients are very expensive. We hope you understand and will continue to support our work.

Nutritional Services News

There will be changes to the current Breakfast Menu.

Effective March 27th all schools across the district will be modifying the options available at breakfast.

The purpose of this is to focus on maintaining proper inventory, food costs and to ensure consistency amongst all schools.

Transition/Wellstone students will continue to receive an option for a hot or cold breakfast, fruit, and yogurt. We will begin using plates as we will be offering, on alternating days, a choice canned fruit or whole fruit or orange juice.

Counseling Corner

Teachers- Quarter 3 grading window is open! Quarter 3 grades are due on Friday March 31st. Please assign grades as CR (Credit) or NC (No Credit) If you wish to grant a different credit amount, please e-mail Robby directly this week with the students name and the percentage of credit granted. Example: Please grant student “X” 50% credit, or student “Z” 75% credit.

While you are grading, you are also strongly encouraged to use comment codes here. Please chat with Robby if you have any questions.

Budget/ Structure Review for 2017-18

I would like to present the structure for next year and the budget.

We will meet in the computer lab at 3:15 on Monday March 27th.

If you would like to hear and see the plan please join us- cookies will be available!

SEA Input for 2017-18

If you would like to have input into what position you will be in next year, please complete the Google Form Here

We will try to take into account your requests but may need to make decisions based on other factors such as attendance, student interactions, number of individuals making the same requests.

If you are planning on not returning next year please let me know.

Please look for bus request form in upcoming memos.

Teacher Input for 2017-18

There will be a form coming out after break for teachers to have input in requests for staff in their rooms for 2017-18.

We want to look at SEA requests first and determine interest in other positions.

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