Kindergarten Physical Education

What we are learning.


So far this year, our kindergarteners have been working on various motor, loco-motor, and fundamental skills through various games and activities. Every day in P.E. we work on our locomotor skills as a warm up through jogging, galloping, skipping, side shuffling, hopping, and jumping. The games we have played focus on fundamental skills such as throwing, kicking, dodging and fleeing, and striking with implements. We have covered sports such as soccer, gymnastics, and floor hockey. Our students have also learned to play a variety of tagging games.

What's Next?

After Thanksgiving break we will begin working on some dribbling and passing skills during our basketball unit. We will also be learning some games that are new to Greenbrier as well as some already fan favorites. For any updates on our P.E. program here at Greenbrier, feel free to check out our blog at