The Battle Of Booneville

Are the questions finally answered?

When and why did this happen?

On June 17 1865 the battle of Boonville happened. The reason why is so they could answer the uncertain question of Missouri’s ultimate status. It wasn't a full blown battle it was more of little arguments turning into something bigger.

Who won and where?

It was all between the United States (union) and the Missouri State Guard, with a long fight the union won. And this all happened in Cooper County Missouri.

The commanders of the two states.

How many died and how long was the war?

The union lost about 31 people, the confederates lost around 50 people. The war lasted about a half an hour, this might not have been a long war to us but it was long to Missouri.

What kind of weapons, and medical care did they have?

For weapons they just used single shot firearms. For the medical care they only used minor medical care.