Bobcat Bulletin

Staff Edition

December 2, 2019

Keeping you Informed

Welcome back! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Break and got to enjoy time with family and friends and most importantly got to relax. We have a short run until winter break and you have made it through one of the two long hauls of the school year. I hope everyone is coming back with a renewed vigor and excitement to do what you do so well which is teaching our students. Have a great week and I can't wait to hear the stories of what you did for your break. Welcome back David, we are glad to have you back on campus!

Reminder- Dr Plutko and Candy Plahy will be on campus from 8:50 - 10:50 today

5forALL Focus

Each week I would like to highlight a technique or strategy that is part of 5forALL.

5forALL Infographic

As we return this would be a great time to work on Modeling & Rehearsing Responses with your students. They should see us using academic language and also be asked to use academic language as well. Sentence frames are a great way to start this and build upon their language skills.

The Den- A one-stop-shop for YLMS resources for staff.

Wednesday PLC- Staff Meeting in Rm 65. Restorative Justice Practices

Words Kids Love to Hear


December 2- Dr. Plutko and Candy Plahy visit

December 3- Instrumental Music Holiday Festival 7 pm @ TLFH

December 4- Staff Holiday Breakfast at TLFH @ 7:30am

December 4- Holiday Music Assembly

December 6- Staff Holiday Party at Jackie's House

December 9- Choir Holiday Concert at 7pm @ PAC (El Dorado)

December 13- End of 2nd Quarter Progress Reports Gradeing Period

December 19- PTSA Holiday Luncheon

Have a Great Week!

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