Panda PAWS 6.2

April 25 - April29, 2022

Important Events of the WeeK:

Monday, April 25:
  • Please welcome our New Assistant Principal, Norma Yi
  • EOY Circle Testing
  • Superhero Week

Tuesday, April 26:

  • EOY Circle Testing
  • Superhero Week

Wednesday, April 27:

  • Administrative Assistants Appreciation Day
  • EOY Circle Testing
  • Superhero Week

Thursday, April 21:0

  • Postive Proof Pics in the Parent Center: Schedule is Below
  • EOY Circle Testing
  • Superhero Week

Friday, April 22:

  • EOY Circle Testing
  • Superhero Week

Library Information:

EOY Dates for Book Returns:

May 13th: All books are due from students and parents. Last day of ABC rotation.

May 20th: All books are due from teachers.

Ms. Luna and I will print out slips for students and parents that have books out. Our goal is to get as many books back as possible. If a parent says they can’t find the books, let me know.

We will also print out slips for faculty. If you still need some books, we can work with you, but please let us know. Please do not wait until the last day of school to return books!

Click this Smore for information about using Quick Cards to access ebooks. You can access ebooks through the Launchpad. Let me know if you need help.

Positive Proof Pic Schedule:

Positive Proof Schedule for April 28th

Cameras will be set up in the parent center from 8:00 - 10:00 am for the morning session and from 1:00 - 3:00 pm for the afternoon session.

8:00 am Inside Classes

9:00 am Outside Classes

1:00 pm Inside Classes

2:00 pm Outside Classes

Wellness opportunities for ALL:

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Shout Outs

From Ashley Boysen:

Special shoutout to Eva Reyes and Yang Li for getting the PreK skills handout translated in an incredibly short period of time!

From Tracy:

Shout out welcome to Mrs. Norma Yi, our new Assistant Prinicpal.

Shout out welcome to Ms. Lucilla Rosas, our new evening custodial personnel.

Thank you Sped Teachers/Instructional Assistants for leading the Special Olympics Campaign.

Thank you Brooke for posting visuals that support student learning in the hallway.

Marcela, Julia, Karen, Zandra, and Pierce staff, thank yall for supporting me in my new role as principal. Reminding me of things, taking on tasks that you would normally not be doing, and checking in to see if there are things that I need help with. Much appreciated!

We had an amazing parent support night that the Sped Teachers coordinated with our District Sped Personnel to provide parents of children with Autism tips and tricks on how to work effectively with their children. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Front office ladies (Sylvia, Nayda, Ursula), y'all are doing a fantastic job ensuring that parents are being supported during registration.

From Jenkins:

Shout out to Mckimmey for assisting with ARD and being my sounding board without judgement.

Shout out to Tony and Olea for being my support system.

Friday Funny

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