Team Dazzle & Dream

December 2013 Newsletter

Wrapping up 2013 and an Outlet Sale!

December is a tough month in my opinion. It's tough because so many people are done with their Christmas Shopping by the time our shipping deadline hits and they just are so busy with programs, parties and other end-of-year events.

This team pushed through and rocked as usual though! The Outlet Sales doubled our monthly numbers and helped give us a little extra income coming into the New Year! Way to market yourself by advertising the Outlet Sale!

Your Director's Stats

Parties: 3

Personal Volume: $4535.62

Recruits: 3

Paycheck w/o leadership: $1133.90

Paycheck because I chose leadership: $1600.00

$500 Club (Personal Volume)

Kari Barlow $505.80 (wow! She didn't even sign up until Dec 17th!)

Dawn Sullivan $632.81

Stacie Van Zuidam $671.30

Barb Pierce $827.30

Jamie Adams $868.65

WOOHOOO!!!!!! Many high sales in a short selling month!

$1000+ Club (Personal Volume)

Brooke Currier $1249.14

Christine Cherney $1301.39

Carol Delegan $1618.52

Rachal Robinson $1636.08

WOWOWOWOWOW!!! Look at those numbers! Amazing work!

Congratulations to RACHAL ROBINSON for being our TOP SeLLeR with $1636.08 in sales! Keep it up, Rachal!

Dream Builders

Angela Myers- 3 new team members

I want some more names here in January!!! Recruit with me, ladies! BUILD YOUR DREAMS!


-C&C registration ends JANUARY 9th!

-Check out the Conference Bucks Information on the bottom of this page!

-Booking Blitz is WEDNESDAY, January 8th!! Melissa will be posting about it ASAP!

**There are great booking scripts in the Ladybug group, along with scripts to text! Take a chance and participate! PRIZES BEING REWARDED!

Angela Myers

I'm a mother to 3 young children and a wife to an amazing man. Formally a teacher, I've become a full-time Director with Thirty-One, enabling me to be home with my children and pursue my own dreams. It all started because I just wanted that discount. . . . . .
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