Texting and Driving

It's okay!

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Reasons why its okay

Stress could be relieved by texting your friends! The ringing of a phone could keep a tired driver awake! In an accident people have their phones easily accessible! You can have a GPS at your fingertips!

Its not anymore dangerous than looking at a billboard while driving

We should focus on more serious threats like drunk driving


1 in 5 cars wrecks are cause by texting and driving, but that means 4 in 5 are not, so texting and driving is not that dangerous!


People only tell you statistics of wrecks caused by texting and driving to SCARE you, but compared to other threats like cancer and terrorism, its not that bad!

People are STARVING

And we are worrying about something like texting and driving..
More people are killed by choking on a pen than texting and driving wrecks each year