Hayden Buek

3rd Hour

Likes & Hobbies

I am in FFA [Future Farmers of America] The other club I plan to join is Key Club. My favorite subject in school is history. I do plan on joining other clubs in the future but haven't decided on any yet.

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My entire life I have attended the Buhler School District. I started in BGS [http://www.buhlerschools.org/BGS/index.php] , then Prairie Hills [http://www.buhlerschools.org/PHMS/index.php] , Now I'm here in Buhler High school [http://www.buhlerschools.org/BHS/index.php]


I want to attend K-State Agricultural college, or NYU, in New York, New York to become an author.


I live with my Mom, and Step-dad, and two siblings. I have an older sister named Madison, and a younger brother Braxton. My sister is one of the stars on the debate team, so some of the people in debate know her. She is also the reason all upper classmen call me little Madi. I also have three dogs, two pitbulls, who are mother & son, and a small dog named Diablo, or El Diablo Loco

Health Concerns, and other problems

I do not have many health concerns. I do have ADHD, but other than that I am healthy.

Contact information

Email: hbuek00689@stu.usd.org

(Mother's) Phone Number: 620-474-2200