The Civil Rights Movement Project

By: Casey Stafsholt P.4

To what degree has the civil rights movement contributed to making the United States a more equal and just society?

Why it was needed

The United States of America was supposed to be the land of the free, for everyone. Unfortunately, in America during the years prior to 1968, blacks and other non-white races lived in segregation. Every man deserves to be treated equal. The Civil Rights Movement helped America to a great degree in becoming equal.

The Fight

During the Civil Rights Movement, marches were extremely effective. Most notably the Selma to Montgomery marches. Marches would brings thousands of people. Marches also brought a lot of media coverage. People would walk for miles without stop for what they believed in. It was not only inspiring to them, but to us as well.

The main reason why the Civil Rights Movement was successful was because Civil Disobedience was peaceful. Even though the resistance faced extreme police aggression; though they could receive a fate worse than death, whether it be white or black, man, woman, or child, they didn't fight back.

The bus boycott hurt Montgomery a lot. Most of the riders were black, so they were losing a lot of money. Most of the buses were basically empty during the boycott. This may be a specific case, but it was powerful enough for a law to be passed that desegregated buses.

Top Five Important Events

*Rated from top being the highest and bottom the lowest, but all were important*

  • Martin Luther King's Assassination.

Martin Luther King, Jr's death was only more inspiration to the movement as it lead the way to the equal housing bill. he was the leader of the Civil Rights Movement for over 20 years at that point.

  • March on Washington.

Over 200,000 people marched to Washington in 1963 with Martin Luther King, Jr that day to listen to his "I have a dream" speech.

  • Brown VS Board Education.

This court case was all about the segregation of public schools and if it was unconstitutional. The case eventually came to the decision that it wasn't constitutional and that schools y law had to be desegregated.

  • Freedom Rides.

The Freedom Rides were groups of people who faced extreme violence when riding in buses all along the south. This lead to the desegregation of buses and train stations

  • Montgomery Bus Boycott .

The boycott lead to Montgomery's bus system top be desegregated.

Important groups

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

The NAACP was the lead group during the Civil Rights Movement. They were mainly focused on legal matters in court cases. Their main contribution was the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and the Voting Act in 1965.

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

The SNCC's main goal during the Civil Rights Act was to give a voice to the younger black community. Their main accomplishments were the Freedom Rides and attending to marches and sit-ins.