Summer Slice Vol. VI

LA Staff News

Congratulations Mr. and MRS. Krause!

The world breathed a sigh of relief that not even a pandemic could hold Mark and Alexa back (another decade+) from wedded bliss!

Congratulations to the newlyweds! (Found a photo that looked like Mark on the Internet--thought it fit well here!)

School Re-Entry Information

From the June 30 email from HR:

I would like to address our planning for next year in light of COVID-19. As many of you may already know, the District surveyed parents and learned that a significantly high portion of our parents plan to send their kids back to the regular school setting in the fall when we re-open. In June, Dr. Vogelaar wrote to you and mentioned the various new safe practices that will be put in place to address safety as students and employees return. He also mentioned that the District is working on contingency plans, schedules, assignments, etc. and requested that anybody who anticipates needing time off from work to contact the Human Resources Department. If you think this might be a possibility for you, and you have not yet connected with Human Resources, I encourage you to email the HR Department to discuss this ( This will help us with our planning and ensure a smooth start to a new school year.


  • Staff received an email on July 15th
  • This link will take you to a new section on our district website that is dedicated to our Return to Learn Plan.
  • This link will connect you to our LPS Let's Talk application if you have any questions or concerns.

Real-World Learning PD Invitation

The following is a PD invitation from the CAPS Network and the Kauffman Foundation for Real World Learning. Typically, it was an in-person event but this year, it is open to K-12 educators to zoom on July 21 from 10:00-4:00 at no cost.

The NExT+CAPS Summer BASH has the purpose to empower educators to start and scale experiential learning practices for the betterment of students across the globe. This event is with two leading networks of experiential education.

Click here for more information and a link to register.

Safe Schools Modules

SafeSchools training is live for the 2020-2021 school year. Most required training has been published, but a small number of policy courses will be finalized and added in the coming weeks. Coursework deadlines for each semester are September 25, 2020, and January 22, 2021. Exempt employees are welcome to begin completing training at any time. Non-exempt employees who are scheduled to work during the summer may begin completing courses as long as they are timed in while doing so. All other non-exempt employees may begin completing training on their first work day (again, if they are timed in). Employees will login using their district ID (e00000).

A few updates and reminders:

  • You'll notice that we have added a handful of courses pertaining to COVID-19 as part of our first semester training requirements. Employees who worked on-site this summer will still need to complete these courses even if they had reviewed similar content prior to July 1st.
  • As a reminder, extra duty workers, coaches, and student teachers are required to complete SafeSchools training by the due dates listed, regardless of the semester or season in which they report to duty.
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Who has Class E??

Come on, LA, keepin' it classy with your very own CLASS E License! Remember, 100% of staff who could be driving students should have this completed by August 25th this year!

Upcoming Dates to Note

July 18: LHS Graduation

July 20: LN Graduation

July 29th: Carlen starts

August 12th-14th: New teachers to Liberty PD (Tiffany and Carlen)

August TBD: Registration

August 17th: All teachers return.

August 20: KC Tech Academy Open House 6:00-8:00

August 25th: First day of school.

August 27th: Tentative Back to School Night--Time TBD

August 28th: Early Release

Liberty Academy Staff 2020-2021

Debi Straws, Secretary

Carlen Sims, Counselor

Andrea Johnson, Social Worker

Mark Krause, Interventionist

TBD, ISS Instructor

Justin Fetters, Security

Ted Maxwell, Safety

Tiffany Maxon, Long Term Suspension

Lisa Augustine, Missouri Option Program

Judy Smith, Alt. Ed. Teacher

Art Smith, Teacher

Chad Brinkmeyer, Teacher

Summer Kelley, Teacher

Nick Schwieder, Teacher

Paul Richardson, Teacher

Jared Haferbier, Special Education Teacher

Jodi Williams-Sipes, .75 Teacher

Zach Osborne, Teacher

Janet Knoke-LA Cafeteria

Zack-LA Custodian

Kathy Wright-LMS Nurse

Ed Leal-Technology

Clayton Smith-LMS Head Custodian

Kim Sadler-LMS Cafeteria Manager

Melissa Norris, Director