Rainbow Lorikeet

Imformation Report By Jessica, Joselyn & Stephanie

General Statement

Rainbow lorikeets are a type of bird. It's scientific name is Trichoglossus Haematodus but we call them Rainies. There are around 372 different parrot species in Australia.


Rainbow lorikeets are very colourful and it's often brightly coloured. They are characterized by having curved beaks, an erect stance and four toes on each foot. They truly do exhibit most of the colour of the rainbow in their plumage-the head is usually violet or blue, the belly is yellow and orange, the eyes and the beak are red and the wings and the tail are green.


Rainbow lorikeets can be found mostly in tropical and subtropical climates. They can be found in Brisbane and Melbourne trees, bushes or rainforests.They fly around everyday to lot of trees but at night they remember to fly back home themselves. Rainbow Lorikeets live off nectar mostly and water they find in leaves.

Interesting Facts

You can teach rainbow lorikeets to talk. They're really smart. They are native to countries in the Southern hemisphere. While eating, they hold their food in one of their feet, which can be either left or right, making them as well as right handed. Larger rainbow lorikeets can live more than 75 years, while smaller ones live up to 15 years only.