Fighing for indenpendence

Comparing armies

In july 1775 george Washington came to masachusetts to meet the continental army.they didnt have guns they only had spears and axes.

British and Americans fighting for indenpendence

In 1777,the British army planned ta new campaign.The goal for the British army was to capture New York City so they could separate the 13 colonies and cut off there communication supplies.

An important victory

Lafayette used his own money to buy warm clothes for the soldiers he commands.The life at Valley forge improved Wihelm Von Steuben was a soldier that dicided to help the americans by training them to be aoutimitly force.Von Steuben tought them how to attack and retreat faster.He also tought them how to use a gun more effectivly.By spring Washingtons soldiers had become an organized army.
Revolution (battle in America. Movie from 1985)