From the Sidelines

Learning Together Side by Side


After instructional rounds this week, the group formed insights about student engagement. We found students were more engaged in classrooms where students were collaborative and teachers talked less. We also noticed that student choice, movement, technology use and the opportunity for students to create products that showed their learning played a role. We also saw more literacy in general.

Richard Strong tells us that, "Students who are engaged in their work are energized by four goals—success, curiosity, originality, and satisfying relationships.”

How do we cultivate these drives in the classroom? Here are some ideas to focus our planning:

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How Educators Use Star Wars for Instruction

To celebrate the opening of Star Wars, check out the force in the classroom.

Some educators and schools are incorporating "Star Wars"-themed lessons in the classroom ahead of the release of the seventh film in the series. The website Star Wars in the Classroom features stories about how nearly 400 teachers have used the movie in their lessons.

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Lego Math

"Lego is a great children’s toy. It’s little wonder then that both adults and kids enjoy playing around with it. It can help stimulate your imagination, your creative abilities, and your logical thinking. In turn, it can be used not only as a toy, but also as a great aid to learning both in the classroom and at home."
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What Kind of Educator Super Hero Are You?

Do you read books at lightning speed? Are you known for your magnetic personality? Have you appeared to be in two places at one time? All educators are heroes, but some just might be superheroes! Take this fun quiz to find out what your superhero persona may be, and get some great gift ideas from ASCD.

Happy Hoidays

It has been my great pleasure to learn along side you this semester! To paraphrase Sylvia Plath,

There isn't enough time to read all the books, learn all the things, and enjoy all the people!