The Klondike Gold Rush

A Stepping Stone to Yukon's Settlement in Canada

All About the Klondike Gold Rush

  • led to the establishment of Dawson City in 1896 and Yukon in 1898
  • caused stampede of people to Klondike between 1897-1899
  • changed the image of Yukon- known as just a barren wasteland
  • the rush was in the Northern West, Yukon and Alaska
  • some people became very wealthy because of this gold rush
  • mining was difficult due to permafrost
  • first strike was in August 17th 1896 with George Carmack and his two Native American in-laws
  • the actual search was in 1874
  • no one learned about the gold strike until July 1897
  • brought 100,000 gold seekers
  • North-West Mounted Police was in charge of maintaining law
  • hundreds of millions worth of gold were taken out of the ground
  • bad for the environment

How it Affected Yukon's Settlement

  • Canada sent Northwest Mounted Police to control area
  • population grew rapidly
  • grew population in Dawson City (25,000 people over night and 40,000 people in two years)
  • Yukon became a separate territory in 1898 (during gold rush)
  • Canada was interested in resources
  • railroads were made to transport gold and this connected Yukon to Canada

Who It Affected: The First Nations

  • drastic reduction of moose,caribou and fish
  • destruction of salmon streams
  • loss of market- couldn't trade of sell their resources
  • resources were taken away

Pictures of the Klondike Gold Rush


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