West Hempstead Weekly Update

September 6, 2022

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Being a part of the #RamCulture means having a focused perspective on the task at hand. We do not want to get caught up in things beyond our control. Instead, we should focus on the things before us and how we can master them. What is the perspective you choose? Why?

Chestnut Street

Thank you for attending Back to School Night

Cornwell Ave.

Throughout the school year, we assess students to determine their reading and writing levels. As you can see below, Ms. Monzert works with a student to determine reading fluency and comprehension. Other students are writing responses to what they have read. Research shows that when students receive writing instruction, their reading fluency and comprehension improve. Ms. Monzert has and will continue to craft writing lessons that support her students.

What can you do at home? Great question! Besides reading daily, you can build your child's "background knowledge." The more experiences a child has in their life, the more knowledge they acquire and can have at their disposal when needed. Experiences do not need to be monumental, they can be grounded in everyday life, but the more ownership of their learning we give to them, the more knowledge our children will acquire.

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Thank you for attending Back to School Night

West Hempstead Secondary School


One definition of perspective in the American Heritage Dictionary is a mental view or outlook. We may all have different perspectives on the pictures below of the students in the Secondary School. You may have heard it before, "Look at them. They are standing around, and there is no accountability." No one instructional approach to learning will always work with all the students.

In our schools, we want to reach all students. This is why we provide professional development for our staff to add tools to their instructional toolbelts. The team-building activities below are from the first week of school. As students build relationships in these learning opportunities, which research shows are important for learning, the staff speaks with and assesses where the students are on the learning continuum.


Learning through play is the way in preK

Have you joined SEPTA, PTA, and PTSA?

Everyone involved is a volunteer focused on meeting student needs. The difference between a great school and a wonderful school community is the strong relationships between teachers, administrators, staff, and parents.

Why join?

  • You can have your voice and perspective heard.

  • You can fundraise to support programs and initiatives.

  • You can learn about the school community, and in turn, they can learn about you.

  • You can be “reflective.” Your children can submit their work to The National PTA’s Reflections program. This 50-year-old program provides opportunities for recognition and access to the arts. Students submit artworks in several categories based on the year’s theme.

Join today and follow on social media!

PTA Join: https://whepta.memberhub.com/store Twitter and Instagram @WHEPTA

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Back to School Night

Back-to-School-Night is a time for families to get to know their child’s teacher and learn more about the school’s program. Not only can you meet your child’s classroom teacher, but also you can meet special area teachers and support staff. Below are some questions you may want to ask when attending BTSN. • In what ways will my child’s learning be connected to the real world?

• How will my child be assessed?

• To what extent will my child be setting their own goals?

• How important is student engagement in this class/school?

• What skills and mind-set should my child be developing in this class? During this school year?

• What is our school’s approach to ensuring a healthy and supportive environment for children?

• How much time will my child spend preparing for and taking standardized tests? (https://wapo.st/3BkFSSk)


West Hempstead Alma Mater

Some of the faces may have changed in the video and our schools, but once a Ram, always a Ram. #RamCulture
WH Alma Mater

Upcoming Events

9/13 6:00 PM ENL Parent Workshop - Cornwell Ave.

9/13 6:30 PM Cornwell Ave. Back to School Night

9/15 6:30 PM College Information Night - Grade 12 Studnets & Parents

9/15 6:30 PM ENL Parent Workshop - Secondary School

9/15 & 9/16 Grades 9 - 11 Picture Day

9/15 7:00 PM Secondary School Back to School Night

9/16 Picture Make-up Day - Grade 12

9/16 October ACT Registration Deadline

9/19 7 PM Open Campus Meeting for Seniors and Parents

9/19 7:30 PM PTA Meeting - CA Cafeteria

9/20 7:30 PM BOE Meeting - SS VCR

9/23 2 PM PTA Welcome Tea - CS

9/23 Pep Rally - SS

9/23 Picture Day for Students and Staff - Grades 7 & 8

9/24 Homecoming - Parade begins at 12:30 PM at CS - Carnival and Football game to follow