Energy Saving Plan For West

By Sarah, Saniya, Esha, and Aliyah

Factual informtion on energy saving lightbulbs

- The tubes are glass free which makes it safe for workers.

- They come on instantly on without any flicker or buzz.

- An average school or supermarket can switch all it's lights in 4 days instead of 4 weeks.

- An average school uses 30% of the electricity it consumes to light outside areas and light buildings.

- The fluorescent lights uses 10% percent of the light to actually give off light and the rest is just wasted and given off as heat.

- They energy saving lightbulbs can save about $40 on the life of the bulb and reduce carbon dixode by 200 pounds.

Deatails about the plan

-The shipping will be covered by a truck that will come to our school to deliver the lightbulbs.

- The delivery people will unload and carry the lightbulbs to a storage room.

- Then, we will call an electrician and they will start replacing the old lightbulbs with the new ones.

- This process will take about a week depending on the time you give him or her.

- The electrician will come with his equipments to install the lightbulbs so we don't have to worry about the equipments.


-Since the tube lights are often installed in high ceilings in school the frequency of changing the bulbs is reduced

-Energy saving tube lights promote a green environment initiales which is greatly supported by the U.S government.

-Discounts are avalible when you purchase in bulk quantities saving money from different vendors.

-Lower electricity use and greenhouse emissions than incandescent and halogen lamps

- Lower overall Mercury releases as a result of use and disposal than energy saving tube lights (taking into account mercury emissions from coal fired power plants.)

why is it worth to put in our homes?

-It is absolutely worth putting these energy saving lightbulbs in our school,home, and environment because the advantages far out way the disadvantages for the implementation.


- The bulbs are available at most supermarkets,drug stores and most retailers.

- One bulb can help reduce green house emmisions by hundreds of pounds.

-They are relatively inexpensive, about $4.00 a bulb while for LED it is $12.00.

- Saves over more than $40.00 of electricity from 2 to 3 years.

- They use 75% less energy and 75% less heat.


- It takes about 1 minute to heat up to its full intensity.

- It contain 4-5 (mg) of toxic Mercury, which can be harmful to humans if it is not disposed properly.

- Some of the tube lights dim in a short period of time.

- The bulbs have a high initial cost from $2-$15 per bulb.


-The cost of all of the InstaFit lights will be ninety thousand dollars.

-The cost per year right now for CMSWest to keep the lights on is one hundred thousand dollars.

-With the new lights, the cost per year will be sixty thousand dollars\

-We will get the money back in two-three years

Some ideas for fundraising


-Auction(donated items)

-Have vending machine open in the mornings

-Sell more in the school store