Native Americans

A quick summary on Culture, History, and Teaching Methods

Quick Facts

  • 556 tribes of Native Americans and Alaskans in the US
  • 22% of Native Americans live on tribal land
  • 28.2% of Native Americans live below the poverty line
  • 90,000 Native Americans are homeless
  • Less than 50% do not have a sewage system
  • Infant mortality is 60% higher than Caucasians


  • Value family
  • Believe in Mother Earth and Father Sky
  • Tribes created language learning programs to teach future generations their language
  • Value language and ceremony
  • When forced into US culture, kids became distant to their family and culture


  • Dominant race in the US before Columbus; 10 million in North America
  • They might have been skilled farmers
  • Established trade routes
  • Pocahontas did not crush on John Smith, was married to Kocoum!
  • Pocahontas is the symbol of religious conversion