Nazi Propaganda

Jansen Cowart (2)

Goals of Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels was the minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany. He had two main goals, to ensure no piece of harmful information got to the public and to make sure everyone thought in the same manner. In other words to brainwash them into thinking what they were doing was right. To accomplish this Goebbels worked closely with the schutzstaffel or ss. These secret police would make sure everyone had unwavering loyalty to Hitler and if they found someone who did not the punishment was very severe. An example of how the Nazis would use the manipulative tactics is when Hitler would address his followers, Goebbels made sure everyone could here him. He created a system of small radios that were only 35 marks and made shop owners and cafes play hitters speeches. He would also line the streets with speakers for those who were out and about to here. There was no way of missing the führe speeches.

Media Control

Also to achieve his goal of total public domination Gobbles used posters and movies to make sure everyone in Germany thought the same. On posters he made Jews look like evil power and money hungry animals. There were also several films were Jews and Western powers played the antagonist. No one can sustain Socialist party without the fresh supply of brainwashed citizens; Therefore the majority of posters and movies declared that Hitler and the Nazi party as well as all Germans the supreme beings in the world. Films in particular played important role to promote the Socialist party. One film, The triumph of the will released in 1935 glorified Hitler and his movement.


Propaganda also had a very important part in the schools of Germany. They taught the children that Germany was the supreme country and they should face external enemies such as communist and Jews. They were taught to look up to the leader and hope to serve in his Youth. They were also taught horrifying things such as the Jew nose looks like the number six and how to prepare a woman for motherhood at age 16.
Nazi Propaganda - Triumph of the Will