Northwest Territories


Arctic Winter Games

The Arctic Winter Games were first played in 1970 in Northwest Territories Yellowknife. The athletes were from Northwest Territories, Alaska and Yukon. The games were skating, figure skating ,snow boarding and speed skating.
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The Territory Today

- 0ver the years the territory has gotten smaller. Pieces of the land have been used for provinces and territories . The territory was split in two with the creation of Nunavut in 1999.

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The population is about 43,633 people .A majority of people live along cities and towns along the Mackenzie Rive r . Almost half of these people live in the Yellowknife the capital city of Northwest Territories .

First Nations,metie and Aboriginal people

Most of the Aboriginal people live outside of the cities . More than half the population of Northwest Territories is Aboriginal people . almost one-third of the population is Frist Nation people.
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