Help Katina Earn Her Pure Romance…

Here's how you can help...

Written by Regan, Katina's Pure Romance Sponsor.

Please read below for important ordering details

Don't you think Katina would be great at educating women? What about entertaining them? She's amazingly entertaining. Empowering women? Sure, Katina can do that too!

Empower, Educate and Entertain. This is the Pure Romance mission and Katina is looking to become a consutant. Katina needs your help to earn her kit and start off her business the right way. Please help Katina reach her goal of 25 bottles of coochy (or $500 in sales) in ONE week!! This $500 will be enough to cover Katina's starter kit and all of the orders for the party.

What happens if Katina doesn't reach her goal? Well, I'm confident in Katina's abilities to make this party a success and become a consultant, but don't worry, every order placed for this party will be filled either by Katina or me (Regan) no matter what happens.

Here's how this works, my name is Regan Allred, technically I'll be your Pure Romance consultant for this party. If Katina reaches 25 bottles or $500 in sales she will have enough money to get her starter kit and fulfill all of the orders! If Katina doesn't reach her goal, I will fulfill all of the orders and Katina will get full hostess credits.

What do you say? Are you ready to help a girl out?

Here are the details to make this work!

~Here is an online catalog you can check out,,

You can check out the website to browse products.

~I will be listing some of the products here on the event. Privacy setting is invite only, so your friends will not be seeing everything posted in this group. This is to help maintain confidentiality. However you are welcome to invite your friends to this event as well.

~You can post questions on the wall of the event or send me a personal message through Facebook. I get back to every single message within 24 hours. If I do not respond, please message me again, it means I did not see it or it was lost in cyber space.

~We will be setting up times where I will be online in the group talking to everyone, presenting some products in real time and available for questions. Please join us to learn more about the products!

~When you are ready to place your order, place it directly with Katina. You can write it down and seal it in an envelope for confidentiality if you want. The main point is, all orders need to be filled by us and not placed online.

~Katina can accept cash, or check. If you would like to pay by credit card, you can pay for your order directly with me (Regan).

~All orders will be submitted at the conclusion of the party on February 13th. Deliver may take 7 to 10 business days from the end of the party.

Help Katina Earn Her Pure Romance Kit!

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 7pm to Saturday, Feb. 13th, 10pm

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.