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Friday, September 16, 2016


Thank you all for an awesome opening of the 2016-2017 school year. it is so amazing to walk these bright and newly painted hallways and feel the excitement in the air. The students are enthusiastic about being back and ready to learn. Early visits in classrooms shows morning meetings being established and those all important relationships being built right from the start. Tons of instructional technology is already evident in most rooms. Thank you to those of you who are taking risks by using unfamiliar strategies and asking for assistance in integrating technology in to your super engaging lessons and activities. The students are surely loving it! Remember - "Do whatever you do intensely". (Robert Henri) We ARRRR pirates, after all. Be sure to intensely infuse your instruction with FUN and JOY!

Thank you to those who have already reached out to the parents of your students to initiate building that important team relationship. There is lots to do but making the time to let parents know that we are a team and that their child's best interest and success is what we're all about is an invaluable way to spend your time.

A special thanks to the 5th grade and all those involved with helping the Oceana Air Show field trip go off with out a hitch. What an amazing time for all - students and adults.

Enjoy your weekend! It's going to be an AWESONE year!


:) Jill


Sept. 20th - Suzie Speddin working with GL teachers during PE - Ten Marks

Sept. 22nd - Staff Seminar - Library - 3:30-4:30 - All Classroom Teachers

Sept. 27 - Abbi Daugherty working with Grades 1 and 2 during PE- Core Clicks

Sept. 29th - Volunteer Breakfast 9:00-10:30

Sept. 30th - Jump Rope for Heart Kick Off - 8:50-9:15 - Gym

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You're a Rockin Ram!

* Thank you, Denise, for being the BEST shipmate EVER! I LOVE working with you!

* Thanks to the Hospitality Committee for the delicious blueberry biscuits on Friday.

* I would like to thank Mrs. East, Mrs. Arroyo, and Mrs. Davis for all they do in my classroom!!!!

*Claudia is doing a superb as grade level chair!

*Thanks Dawn for all the items shared in Google Drive!

*Thank you for making me feel so welcome! I couldn't be more thankful and excited to be a part of the NLES family!

* Can I just tell you that I love sharing a room with Melissa? We help each other, work well together and find things to laugh about every single day. She makes coming to work every day so much fun!

* Also, what would I do without April and Maria?!? April has the answers to all my questions, and Maria is the queen of reports when it comes to setting up my database for PALS. I so appreciate their patience and friendly smiles whenever I’m in the office. Love those ladies!!

*PE Staff - YOU ROCK!!!! PE, transportation, and Jump Start! Such FUN!!!! :)

RAM Bytes

Wow!! Great job, teachers, getting our kiddos involved with the on line community! Seesaw, Google, and more!
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Thinking of You

Denise Fockler - for the loss of your brother in law
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Happy Birthday To You!!!

April Belton - Sept. 11

Nancy Lamb - Sept. 16

Vinh Huyn - Sept. 22

Tracy Thompson - Sept. 27

Claudia Hooks - Sept. 30

Feel the Joy

This week’s tip:

  1. Tell a new story.

    What’s your current story and how does it make you feel? If it doesn’t make your feel good when you tell it, then stop telling it. Instead, tell a story that make you feel inspired and positive.

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