BT vs. CBT

Behavior/Cognitive Behavior Therapies

What is BT and CBT?

Behavior Therapy is a treatment that helps change self-destructing behavior.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a type of therapy that helps you think more clearly internally to make better decisions.

Similarities between BT and CBT

  • No mental health diagnoses necessary for treatment
  • Both types of therapies threat the same types of disorders, such as: anxiety, depression & social phobias

Differences between BT and CBT

BT is based on things that are in your control, such as bad habits

BT clients dealing with issues that are altered because of external factors

CBT is based on the way the clients mind makes them thing about a situation

CBT clients dealing with issues that are altered because of internal factors

Goals of BT and CBT

The goal of cognitive therapy is to teach patients methods to deal with situations out of their control.

The goal of Behavior Therapy is to teach patients how to deal with everyday life stress. The patient and therapist work together to set goals. These goals will include better ways to manage their thoughts, and emotions.

Procrastination and which therapy will work for you!

Procrastinating is a choice someone makes to put off the task before them. This is a learned behavior not a diagnosed mental condition. Therefore behavior therapy would be most beneficial. This therapy helps teach clients methods to replace bad habits with good ones. It will help the client get to the root of the real problem they are trying to avoid and then change the negative behavior.