Basics on Viruses

  • Viruses are not living organisms
  • Viruses are very small
  • All viruses are parasites of cells
  • Infect bacterial cells only
  • cause disease in plants, animmals, and bacteria
  • can't reproduce on their own
  • reproduce through other cells
  • no cellular structures

Differently Shaped Viruses

Insides on a Viral Disease


  • otherwise known as varicella
  • symptoms: itchy, blister like rash on the skin spread around body as dots
  • very contagious
  • spreads trough contact between people (sneezing, coughing, touching, breathing, etc.)
  • rarely fatal, more severe in adult men
  • treatments: prescribed medicines, self treatment includes over the counter medicines such as Tylenol and Benadryl
  • way to avoid getting affected is to get vaccinated early and avoid those who have chickenpox
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