Perseverance is all around you

Have you seen it?

Perseverance is moving forward despite others opinions and what you are capable of doing.

Martin Luther King Jr. (Cause and effect sample)

Martin Luther King Jr. mustered a march with thousands of people to the Lincoln memorial to make his eloquent speech on segregation. With this stand came a variety of new rules giving black people many rights. The government got rid their ambition for power. When more thought was put in the speech a law was made to stop segregation. Everyone got rights to be legal Americans no matter the skin color. Anyone was able to have an actual job and be active in the community. Martin Luther King Jr. changed the way everyone saw the world for the better.

Rosa Parks (Chronological/Sequence sample)

Rosa Parks lived in the time of segregation and she did not like it, so she silently started off by sitting in the fifth row on the bus. Then, later she refused to give up her seat knowing that she must keep her dignity and not move. After, her small stand on the bus she was soon arrested.Then, she became a inspiration to all and started many more movements on the bus. After the whole ordeal with her being arrested more people started to not give up their seat. Finally, after everything on the buses Martin Luther King Jr. as well as many others enacted the civil rights movement.
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Louis Zamperini (problem and solution sample)

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Abraham Lincoln (Description sample)

Abraham Lincoln lived in the time of slavery (1809). Slave auctions were common and the sight of someone being beaten can be found within a 1-2 mile range. Abraham Lincoln all his life knew he should and could do something about it but who would listen to him as a kid? Later in his years a war was happening the Bloody civil war. As we were having trouble planning attacks and placement Abraham Lincoln came up and led us through this brutal war. Although many died it was a sacrifice for the country. After the war Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th president of the united states. It was soon after his election he was assassinated in the presidential box during the ford's theater in Washington by John Wilkes Booth.
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Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt's differences and similarities (compare and contrast sample)

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What Perseverance has taught me

Perseverance does not have to always be surviving a horrible experience and still going on to do what you think is right. Perseverance can be not letting go of your pride and who you are even if others will brutally hurt or kill you for it. Having the strength to forgive what others have done to you, such as Louis Zamperini. Louis for gave the Japanese after torturing him for a uncomfortable amount of time. Perseverance is not always big, but the small one's can make the biggest impact.