All About Me

By Lourdes Pastor

All About Me


I was born July 19th, 2001 in Madrid, Spain. I went to a school in Madrid called British Council, where I learned English. I moved to Texas four years ago due to my mom's job. At first it was kind of hard because it was a new beginning in a new country, and I did not know anyone here. But now I have many friends and I'm really happy in school.

Stuff I Do

I really love reading, they transport me into another place and I submerge myself in the story. I like hanging out with friends, we usually go to the movies or bookstore and coffee shop.


Tuesday, July 19th, 8:15pm

My house

Huge celebration of my b-day

Pretty much where I spend my life in:

Youtube, Spotify, Buzzfeed

Favorite actor & favorite youtubers😍😍😍