Felix Thibodeau

Scientific Name

Okapia johnstoni


Found in the dense tropical rain forests of north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The Okapi can also be found in areas where there is a slow-moving fresh water source, but the range of the Okapi is very much limited by natural barriers, with unsuitable habitats on all four sides trapping these animals into the 63,000 square kilometer Ituri Rain forest.


An Okapi's niche is well determined yet because there is much yet that we haven't discovered about it. But the niche from knowledge that has been previous stated is that it's niche is to eat the vegetation of the forest and to supply food for leopards and jaguars.

Food Web

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How it became Endangered

The Okapi become endangered because of the over deforestation of the Ituri Rain forest. The Okapi is extremely limited in their habitat and it is hard for them to survive outside of it.

Future Outcome

If the deforestation of the Ituri Rain forest continues at the rate it does, the Okapi will become extinct very quickly.