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Welcome Back from Mr. Nelson

Welcome to the 2021 - 2022 school year! I am thrilled to welcome you back to Sumner High School & Academy 2027. It is truly an honor for me to be the principal of this special place. I am privileged to work with an outstanding faculty to make it a smooth transition to some "normalcy" for our students during this school year. Additionally, Sumner will open the school year as the largest school in Hillsborough County Public Schools with over 3000 students. We are excited to work closely with you to ensure the success and well-being of all of our students and first graduating class in history.

We have been working hard all summer to plan for a safe opening of school and to implement best practices to mitigate the risks associated with Covid-19. Our classrooms will continue to stress social distancing as much as possible, cleaning and sanitization protocols, and washing hands. Masks will be optional this school year. A strong emphasis will continue to be placed on social-emotional learning and strengthening our AICE program.

Sumner High School & Academy 2027 is building traditions in our second year. We are proud of our beautiful newer school and have high expectations for each and every student. Our students are kind, compassionate, and inquisitive. Additionally, we have one of the most diverse student bodies in the area. Together with our dedicated staff, we strive to make connections with students to help them feel valued, accepted, and safe. Our new Sumner motto of “Unity Through Diversity” will continue to guide our mission to provide a caring rigorous, and joyful school environment. Our goal is to encourage active student engagement to foster a lifetime love for learning.

Partnering with families will be crucial this year to our students' success. We appreciate your support and encourage families to stay connected and informed by updating their phone numbers, providing a current email address, and following our school website for important updates and information throughout the school year.

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Sumner Administrative Team

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Christine Wasylkiw, our new Assistant Principal for Curriculum, and Hulya Tasci, Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, to our administrative team.

Please contact our administration for the following (813-378-8626):

Mr. Robert Nelson (ext. 222): Oversees Sumner HS & Academy 2027

Ms. Christine Wasylkiw (ext. 224): Oversees curriculum, instructional faculty, and school counseling department.

Mr. Melvin Williams (ext. 230): Oversees athletics, facilities, clubs, instructional support faculty, and field trips.

Ms. Jeanne Terry-Byrd (ext. 285): Oversees HS Student Affairs (Last name: A - Be) and Academy 2027

Ms. Hulya Tasci (ext. 245): Oversees HS Student Affairs (Last name: Be - Mc), Attendance, Canvas liasion, debt list

Ms. Ebony Robinson (ext. 237): Oversees HS Student Affairs (Last name: Mc - Z), Academy 2027 Extramurals, Lockers, Student Parking

Deputy Hector Alonso (ext. 264 ): Oversees all law enforcement matters and assists with school safety

Mr. Matt Caiati, Climate & Culture Resource (ext. 234): Oversees our student incentive program, marketing, COVID protocols, and assists the Student Affairs office.

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Sumner HS & Academy 2027 Student Services

We have one of the best student services teams in the district. Please reach out as needed as we are here to help students navigate the academic, social, and personal hurdles that arise throughout their high school years.

Please email and/or contact our student services team with any questions and/or concerns. Standard form email address to reach our faculty members is the first name.last Also, students or parents can call our main number and/or send a message through CANVAS.

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Sumner Instructional Priorities for 21/22

Our Instructional Leadership Team met this summer to create our instructional priorities for the 21/22 school year. These instructional priorities will drive the instruction in each of our classrooms as we strive provide the best education to our students. Our instructional priorities were constructed by using teacher input, data, and other observational tools. Thank you to our ILT for constructing our focus for this school year.


Sumner HS & Academy 2027 Schoolwide:

Students will authentically engage in rigorous, student-centered instruction that is responsive to ongoing student assessment data, utilizing the shared instructional principles.

Sumner High School:

Student achievement will be enhanced through the use of differentiated collaborative structures, student-centered discourse, and relevant rigorous text built upon clear learning intentions and success criteria.

Academy 2027:

Sumner students will utilize WICOR strategies (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading) to critically analyze text aligned to grade-level standards on a daily basis.

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Join the Sumner PTSA

The Sumner PTSA will be an integral part to the success of Sumner HS & Academy 2027. Mr. Nelson and our PTSA will conduct monthly meetings to keep our stakeholders up-to-date with "all-things" Sumner. Additionally, the Sumner PTSA provides support to our students and faculty with incentives, resources, and scholarships to ensure a positive culture ripe with high expectations and high student achievement. Please go to the link and join today!
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eLearner Laptop/Chargers/Equipment/Textbook Returns-- PLEASE READ

Sumner still has approx. 100 laptops that have not been returned to the school. PLEASE READ BELOW.

If your child borrowed any of these items from Sumner, please plan to return them to the main office ASAP:

✓ Laptop and Charger

✓ WiFi Device

✓ Textbooks

✓ Library Books

✓ Band and Orchestra Instrument

If a student does not return their assigned laptop and charger, then the student will be put on the debt list until the laptop is returned and/or paid for at the school.

Finally....Class of '22!!! SENIORS!!!

Our new Senior Class officers and faculty decided on the SHS graduation cap and gown & regalia last year. It looks fabulous and we cannot wait until our first graduating class walks across that stage next year. CONGRATS C/O '22 on being Sumner's first senior class!
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Sumner Bell Schedule (21/22)

Sumner HS & Academy 2027 has a new bell schedule for the 21/22 school year. We have added a homeroom/mentor period (Period 2) that will meet every day with students. Our high school students will remain with their homeroom/mentor teacher until graduation. Our Academy students will remain with the same mentor throughout the school year. Our lunches will be reduced to 30-minute lunches and our high school students will be on Team A (10th and 11th Grade) or Team B (9th and 12th Grade) during 5th - 7th periods. Academy 2027 students will eat lunch at 10:30 am on most days (regular bell schedule). Students will be allowed to enter lunch lines and eat immediately upon entering the cafeteria. We will have 1-2 additional lunch lines outside on the patio to ensure every student gets time to eat their lunch in a shortened time period. However, lunches may be extended for the first few days as our students learn new procedures. Please review the BELOW ATTACHMENT (SHS Bell Schedules 21-22 REGULAR & EARLY RELEASE) for a sample bell schedule. Our administration and faculty feel this modification and approach will benefit our students throughout their Sumner years.
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Sumner Athletic Booster Club

A strong, successful, and positive athletic program is critical to the success of any school. We are building something GREAT at Sumner, so come be a part of our Athletic Booster Club. Your support is wanted and needed this year. Join Us.
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Interested in Sumner Athletics? Get Involved!

Please click on the link to learn about HS & MS Athletic Eligibility:

H09 What You Should Know about MS and HS Athletic Eligibility.docx (

Please open the BELOW ATTACHMENT (FALL ATHLETICS SUMNER 2021.22) for our fall athletics schedule.

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Academy 2027 Extramurals

Academy 2027 will have an extramural program this year. Additionally, we will be adding a Girls on the run program at Sumner as well. We are excited to see our Academy students compete on the athletic fields this year. Ms. Ebony Robinson, Assistant Principal, will oversee our Academy Athletics program for this school year.

Please review the BELOW form (Planet HS) for MIDDLE SCHOOL physical examination procedures.

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Academy 2027 Updates

Please read below for some general Academy 2027 updates:

HOST INFORMATION (more info below):

Academy 2027 will provide before school care beginning at 6:30 A.M. – 8:00 A.M. and after school care ending at 6:00 P.M. through HOST. If you wish to sign up for this service or need additional information, please go to:


Students enrolled in Academy 2027 are required to wear a school uniform. The collared shirt must be Kelly green, Navy blue or gray shirt and is expected to be worn Monday – Thursday, while the school’s spirit shirt or a college shirt can be worn on Fridays. The pants must be black, khaki or Navy blue. Denim, leggings and tights are not allowed to be worn in the Academy. If there’s a designated jean day – jeans can be worn without any holes or frays.


Students may purchase lockers during their homeroom from August 30th to September 3rd, 2021, for a cost of $5.00. Homeroom is during your child’s second period, please send your child to school with the exact amount needed to purchase a locker.

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Open House 21/22 (Mark the dates and times)

Open House will be at the following dates and times:

August 2nd: Teachers Return

August 4th: Academy 2027 Open House (5 - 6:30 pm)

August 5th : 9th/10th Grade Open House (4 -5:30 pm)

August 5th: 11th/12th Grade Open House (6 - 7:30 pm)

August 10th: First Day of School

ALL students are to report to their Homeroom class FIRST to receive their Open House schedule and watch our welcome back message. We will walk students (and families) through a mock regular school day (with bells) during Open House.

High School Students: Please refer to the HOMEROOM LOCATORS (image below) to see which homeroom (and room number) your child should report to during Open House. Please go to the room number that corresponds with your last name and grade level. Students will report to this same location FIRST on August 10th.

Academy Students: Students will report to the Auditorium to receive their homeroom assignment. Academy Homerooms are NOT listed in the below HR locators.

Please review the BELOW ATTACHMENT (OPEN HOUSE FACT SHEET) for some must-see locations and fun facts.

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AICE Family Support Session-- JOIN US!

Students and Families: Join us in between our High School Open House sessions on Thursday, August 5th (5:30-6 pm). We will have our faculty available to answer questions regarding our AICE program.

Our AICE program is OPEN to ALL students and we highly encourage students to participate in the program. Every Sumner High School student has the ability to achieve an AICE diploma which will greatly assist a student in obtaining a FULL Bright Futures Scholarship to any Florida university or college.

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FIRST DAY of School: August 10th

First Day Procedures: All students will report to their appropriate Homeroom (Period 2) to receive their official schedule (HS Homeroom Locator posted ABOVE). Sumner will monitor and balance class-sizes through the first month of school and correct any inaccuracies on student schedules the first week of school. Please be patient with us through this process. Your child will be placed appropriately as we move throughout the school year.

First Day Expectations: Our goal is for faculty to work with students through our procedures and protocols, the syllabus in each course, and build relationships with your children. It is an exciting time and we want to celebrate our students' return to Sumner.

What will students bring home to parents/guardians on the FIRST DAY? Students will bring home our student handbook, media release form, and most importantly, their emergency card. Please review the information. It is essential that you UPDATE and RETURN the emergency card the next day. If you have a change of address, please provide two proofs of residency when returning the emergency card. Communication is a key lever to success and we cannot keep you updated without current phone numbers and email address.

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Student Schedules-- PLEASE READ

Students will receive a tentative OPEN HOUSE schedule in their Homeroom (Period 2) if they come to Open House. A (second) updated tentative student schedule will be uploaded to each student's CANVAS page on Thursday, August 5th. Students will use those schedules to report to their Homeroom (Period 2) class on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL to receive their (third) official course schedule.

Why is the third schedule the OFFICIAL schedule? We will continue to balance class sizes through the first day of school (and beyond). Our goal is to have the lowest teacher-to-student ratio and balanced class size to maximize the educational environment. A slight chance does exist that a student schedule on Open House night could be modified before the first day of school.

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Sumner Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Sumner will follow the same arrival and dismissal procedures as last year. A MAP (below) has been provided to show the directions that MUST be followed during both times. Safety is our PRIMARY concern, so we request that drivers be PATIENT the first couple of weeks as families are learning the procedures. We have a larger enrollment (and seniors) this year which means arrival and dismissal will be much more congested, so make arrangements to allow for extra time (especially at dismissal).

Academy 2027 DISMISSAL Pickups: Academy students will be escorted to dismissal 5 minutes before the dismissal bell. Academy parents who will be picking up their students each day will be allowed into the student parking lot at 3 pm on the first day of school (8/10) to pick (and park) in a designated spot with a number. That spot will be designated for that parent/family each pickup day (same procedures as last year) for the remainder of the year.

We highly encourage students to use the school bus, ride bicycles, walk in groups, and/or carpool as our student enrollment has greatly increased this school year which will increase congestion at both arrival and dismissal. Please be patient at those times. Safety (NOT speed) is our number one concern during these times.

HS and Academy students will follow the green arrows during morning drop off.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off: Academy and High School students will follow the green arrows during morning Drop-Off. High school students will be dropped off between the gym and auditorium and the Academy students will be dropped off my Building 1 (Red Arrows).

Pick-Up: Academy students will follow the two below diagrams. High School students will follow the green arrows in the above diagram and pick up in the same spot as Drop Off (between the gym and auditorium).

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Do You Ride a School Bus? Do You Need to Find a Bus Stop?

Bus Route Availability

The information available below represents bus routes for students attending their attendance-area school.

If you are attending a school via "school choice" and you are bus eligible, look under your choice school for bus route information.


  • These routes are current as of the date printed. However, they are subject to change. Please check back periodically.

    • Parents are responsible for getting their child to and from the bus stop safely.
    • Please be sure to choose the bus stop closest to your home that provides the safest walk path.
    • Bus stops are for bus-eligible students only. Eligibility is determined based on the child’s home address on record at the school.
    • If you have moved, please make sure to update your address with your child’s school immediately.

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SENIORS Paint Your Spot in the Student Lot-- NEW Tradition

SENIORS: Please review the flyer and email Ms. Robinson for more information.
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HCPS Academic Calendar (21/22)

Please click on the BELOW FILES for the 21/22 HCPS Academic Calendar.
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Student Nutrition Services

Please review the two BELOW FORMS (21/22 ALL SNS Information & SHS Apps Benefits Poster) for Student Nutrition Services updates, protocols, and information.

Parents are encouraged to submit a household meal benefit application either online at, or via a paper application. A household application means that parents complete only one application for all children in the same home. Parents can learn about the status of their application by calling 1‐866‐544‐5575. Parents are expected to pay for all meals until an application is processed and approved.
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We NEED Volunteers! Say Y.E.S!

Sumner needs your HELP. Please consider volunteering at Sumner. It takes a village to build success. ALL volunteers must complete a volunteer application (and be approved by HCPS) before participating in school events. Please review the BELOW FORM (2122 Volunteer Application FIRST DAY) for more information and application.

You can apply or get more information at this link: Volunteer Services / Overview (

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HOST Program (Academy 2027 ONLY)

Sumner Academy 2027 will have the HOST program for 21/22. If interested in the fee program, then please review the BELOW FORMS (2122 ALL HOST Community Family Communication [English and Spanish]). HOST is open at 6:30 AM and ends at 6 PM. Please follow the directions in the forms to register.
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Attendance MATTERS Every Period Every Day!

REMINDER: Attendance Matters Every Period Every Day. We cannot educate our students at an optimal level if they are not present and/or late to school.

Attendance of every student enrolled at Sumner HS is required in order to benefit from the continuity of instruction and classroom participation. School attendance shall be the responsibility of parents/legal guardians and students. Absences shall be reported to the school attendance office by the parent/legal guardian on the day the absence occurred. The number to be called to report an absence on the day of the absences is 813-378-8626 ext.4000.

The following factors are reasonable excuses for time missed at school:

A. Personal illness of the student

A student who has demonstrated a pattern of absences due to illness may be required to present medical verification the principal.

B. Court appearance of the student

C. Medical appointment of the student a note from a health care provider may be required.

D. An approved school activity. Absences will be recorded but not reported.

E. Emergencies that are acceptable to the principal

F. Other absences as approved by the principal. A written request from the parent/legal guardian is submitted to the principal at least three days prior to the date of absence. The parent will be notified of the decision.

G. Attendance at a center under Children and Families Services supervision

H. Accident resulting in injury to the student

I. Significant community events with prior permission of the principal

When more than one school is involved, the Area Superintendent will determine the status of the absence.

J. Observance of an established religious holiday

K. Death of a close relative. For purposes of this policy, close relatives shall be defined as the father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter (or in-law), stepfather, stepmother, stepbrother, stepsister, half-sister, half-brother, stepchild, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, grandparents, grandchild, or members of his/her own household.


State Law requires that students, 14 to 18 years of age, who have not earned a high school diploma, who have 15 unexcused absences in any period of 90 calendar days, be ineligible for driving privileges. School districts are required by this legislation to report to the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), the names of any students who have accumulated 15 unexcused absences in any period of 90 calendar days. The student who is reported will be informed by the DHSMV that his/her name has been received and he/she may lose the privilege to drive. Should a student be contacted by DHSMV with information, he/she may initiate a request for a hardship waiver or a request for reinstatement of driving privilege through the Office of Student Affairs.

A hardship for employment is based on verification of need. The factor to be considered is the extent to which a student provides a substantial financial contribution for his or her livelihood or his or her family’s needs. A hardship for medical care is based on the need for transportation, for the student or his or her immediate family members living in the same household, to access required treatment. Consideration should be given to whether there are any other licensed drivers residing in the household.

Students who accumulate 15 unexcused absences in any period of 90 calendar days will be reported by the school to the DHSMV. Please follow the attendance procedure that has been established in order that students not be reported unexcused when they should be excused. Please reach out to our Student Services Team and/or Administration with questions and/or concerns.

Whenever any student has a total of 15 days of unexcused absence from school during any semester, the student will be considered habitually absent. The school will inform the parent of excessive absences and the district’s intent to notify the Department of Highway Safety of Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) of the student's excessive absences.

Tardiness to Class: A student is tardy when the student arrives after the beginning of the school day or when he/she is not in his/her assigned seat or station when the tardy bell rings. A student’s tardiness shall be excused when the reason given is acceptable to the principal or designee. Examples of acceptable reasons for tardiness are the same as the examples of acceptable reasons for excused absences.

Sign-in Procedures: Any student arriving to school after the session has begun at 8:30 must report to the Main Office or Office of Student Affairs. An admit shall be issued indicating excused or unexcused tardy or absence. For the student to receive an excused sign-in, a parent or guardian must accompany the student to the Main Office and give an excusable reason. More than two sign-ins in a grading period shall require medical or other documentation. Students will not be allowed to sign out later than 3 PM Tue-Fri and no later than 2 PM on Mondays. Please understand that students are close to dismissal and sign-out at these times disrupt the learning and dismissal process.

Secondary Students: Once students arrive on campus, they may not leave without permission from the assistant principal for Student Affairs. Students who must leave school during school hours must have their parent/guardian request this release by phone or in-person to the Office of Student Affairs in order to obtain pre-approval. More than four sign-outs’ in a grading period shall require medical or other documentation and/or a parent/guardian must be present in order to be considered excused.

All students need to take hold of their commitment and potential to be the best they can be for themselves...and that commitment and potential starts with being on time and present to each class Every Day.

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HCPS will continue to use Canvas as a learning and communication tool in 21/22. The BELOW ATTACHMENTS (2122 ALL CANVAS) provides parents and guardians with helpful information for using Canvas to support and monitor student academic progress.


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