Brown Summit Middle School

Center for Advanced Academics

March 7, 2021

It's Time for our 8th Graders!!

We are so excited to welcome the A Cohort of the 8h Grade In-Person Students!! We have worked hard to prepare our building to welcome our students. Please be patient with us tomorrow as this will be new for everyone. Here are a few reminders:

*We ask all families to send in a container of disinfectant wipes with their child that can be kept under their child's desk for their own personal use. We do have adequate supplies at the school, but wanted to take an additional step. If you do not have access to purchase a container of wipes, we will provide them to students, as needed. Also, students need to bring their charged laptop or tablet.

Car riders:

  • Parents who are dropping off their child are to drive through the circle in front of the building. Please have your student remain in the car as we will check their temperature. Please have their iPass available for viewing. If you do not have an iPass, we will do the screening at your vehicle. Howevere, the iPass system is so much faster.
  • Once your child is approved for entry, they will go straight to their base classroom.
  • We will have grab and go breakfast available in the hallway for students upon arrival.

Bus riders:

  • Bus riders will exit the bus and walk to the front entrance where they will show their iPass and get their temperature taken.
  • If a bus rider does not have their iPass, they will be screened at arrival.
  • Once your child is approved for entry, they will go straight to their base classroom.
  • We will have grab and go breakfast available in the hallway for students upon arrival.

Missed the Talent Show, You Can Still View it!!

Thank you to all of our wonderful student performers in helping contribute to such an awesome talent show. We appreciate the love and support our parents and school community provided during the event. We had around 130 viewers and over 600 comments in the chat! It was truly an amazing and memorable night.

Thank you to Mrs. Brenda Gross and Mrs. Hannah Zamboni for all of their hard work coordinating the event and running all of the technical aspects. Thank you to Mrs. Runtz, Mr. Cacaci, and Avery for MCing the event and making sure our transitions were smooth. Thank you to the PTSA and our Feather the Nest Sponsors for all of their support and helping us secure the resources we need to help make BSMS a wonderful school. Thank you to our wonderful staff for being the great educators you are and being so encouraging and motivating.

Also, thank you to our BSMS Alumni for always "coming back home" and supporting us.

Here is a link to the recorded show:

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BSMS Daily Schedule

9:15 - 9:30 - Student Drop off window

9:40 - Instructional Day begins

4:10 - Instructional Day ends

4:10-4:20 - Car rider and Bus Departure window

Important Masks News:

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GCS Face Covering Reminders:

What kind of face-covering is acceptable?

  • Face coverings/face masks help limit the spread of COVID-19 and are mandatory in GCS schools.
  • GCS will provide face coverings for all students and staff. If students or staff prefer to wear their own face coverings/face masks, they should:
  • Be made of washable and breathable fabric that is tightly woven. Lace, bandanas, old t-shirts and stretchy knits do not provide sufficient protection.
  • Have at least two layers of material.
  • Fit snugly to the child’s face and covers the nose and mouth.
  • While allowable, Gaiter-style face coverings are not recommended by the CDC because they are more likely to fall below the nose or mouth.
  • Should be cleaned every day.
  • Handled by the ear loops or ties only.
  • Student and staff face coverings/masks must comply with all GCS policies and the Student Code of Conduct, as well as school dress codes. Non-compliance may result in student/personnel disciplinary action.
  • If a student or staff member does not have a face covering, the school principal/teacher or supervisor will provide one. Supplies are available at every school and in every facility; principals/supervisors can order additional supplies from the district.

GCS-Website Link for Re-Opening Schools

  • Wear cloth face covering over the mouth and nose, remain 6ft or more apart, and wash/sanitize hands regularly.

• CDC’s Mask Guidance: “Improve How Your Mask Protects You” -

• No recommendation for the general public to wear a medical mask

• Use of double masking with N95 NOT recommended

Use of 2 disposable masks NOT recommended

• Options listed concerning add layers of material:

Use a cloth mask with multiple layers of fabric OR

• Wear one disposable mask underneath a cloth mask (The second mask should push the edges of the inner mask against your face).

It's Almost Time for Re-Entry!!!


On the first face to face day, 8th grade students will receive a personalized printed schedule. While their teachers and classes have not changed, the printed schedule is just a reminder of their class times under the new schedule. It also reminds them of what day they will have their Encore classes. A general schedule for our remote learners is also included with this email. Teachers will also put remote student schedules online so they know their class rotations (if they changed). We expect hiccups the first day, so please be patient with us as we work out any issues.

Daily Screening Forms Requirement

Please see the attached information for instructions on how to complete the required, daily health screening form for your child. There are 3 ways that families can complete the daily screening or students. Parents can complete them using the QR code, website link, or CrisisGo App. Also, students are able to complete the screening. They can scan the QR code to access the linked document to complete their daily screening. Or, they can use the Crisis Go App (Preferred Method). Upon arrival to campus, students will show their “green” iPass on their mobile device that notifies us that their entry has been approved. If your child does not have a mobile device, they will be asked to complete the screening questions at arrival. Staff members will be outside during daily drop off to take temperatures of car riders and verify their screening information. Please have your student remain in the vehicle until a staff member has taken their temperature and completed their screening. Bus riders will be checked in upon arrival, as well.

New Dismissal Procedures

We are currently working on a socially distanced dismissal process. We will be providing parents with Car Tags that will be used for student pick-up/dismissal. If your child is a car rider, please complete the attached link so that we can properly prepare your Car Tag. This will help us take into account special circumstances such as siblings and car pools. Car Tags will be sent home with students on their first day of school.

Car Rider Car Tag link:

Lunch and Water bottles

Lunch will be provided to students in the classroom. Students can bring their lunch from home or purchase school lunch. It is preferred that students do not bring anything that must be warmed up in a microwave.

Also, be sure that your child comes to school daily with a sealable water bottle as our shared water fountains will be inoperable. Students will have access to a water cooler and bottle filler.

CrisisGo App Information and Screening QR Codes for Students and Visitors

2021-22 Brown Summit Middle School General Registration

The GCS registration season is upon us. Below you will find registration information for our school. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Sloan at or 336-656-0432.

BSMS Current 6th and 7th Grade Students/Parents

The BSMS registration process is automatically entered for our students in PowerSchool. Students will be placed in their next year’s Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies classes.

Student electives are set and will include Latin, Art, Computer Science, and Physical Education (PE).

BSMS Current 8th Grade Students/Parents

  • Parents/Guardians and students will have the option to select courses in PowerSchool from March 6th – 14th for their districted high school. This is optional and not required. Instructions for how to access the Parent/Student PowerSchool Portal to select courses is found by clicking here.

  • ·Rising 9th Grade General Registration window is from March 15th - April 30th. Mrs. Sloan will collaborate with the high schools to register all 8th graders for their districted school starting March 15th. She will contact 8th grade students using Canvas to schedule “Lunch and Learn Registration Sessions.”

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  • Parents will be able to view the results of the “Lunch and Learn Sessions” in the Parent/Student Portal.

  • Parents are asked to submit all registration changes in writing via email to Ms. Sloan from March 15th- April 30th. After that time frame, changes should be directed to their districted high school counselor.

  • High School Option/Magnet Acceptances: When acceptances are confirmed, an invitation from the magnet school will be sent to families for them to complete the magnet enrollment and the school’s registration process.
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Registration Resources

Below are links for the updated registration books for the middle and high school levels. Please use the registration books as references to courses and programs offered throughout GCS.

Spirit Week March 15th - March 19th

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GCS Interim Assessments

GCS Interim Assessments will be administered to students in the coming weeks. These instructional tools will assess the standards from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study covered thus far in your child’s classroom. The assessments will not be a part of your child’s grade. Rather, the information gained from the assessments will provide teachers with a deeper insight into student understanding and help to guide their future instruction.

It is imperative that students do their best on the assessments to ensure that teachers have an accurate picture of their current level of understanding. Please do not help your child in any way with any of the questions as this will invalidate the assessment results. In addition, students should not use additional resources to aid in the answering of questions (i.e. looking up answers online, consulting a textbook, etc.). Finally, students should not collaborate with their peers regarding any of the test questions.

The scheduled dates for interim assessments are listed below:

6th Grade ELA: Wednesday, March 24th

6th Grade Math: Thursday, March 25th

7th Grade ELA: Wednesday, March 24th

7th Grade Math I: Thursday, March 25th

8th Grade ELA: Wednesday, March 24th

8th Grade Math I: Thursday, March 25th

*8th Grade English I students will participate in the 8th grade ELA interim assessment.

*Math II students will not take the district Math interim assessment.

Your child’s teacher will communicate to students how to access the assessment and will provide additional details regarding each specific test.

Again, please remember that the assessments will not be taken for a grade. However, it is important that students work independently and do their personal best so that teachers can continue to tailor their instruction to best meet the needs of each learner. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher or Mrs. Woody at

MAP Testing Is Over...Now What???

We have completed our winter administration of the NWEA MAP Growth Reading and Math assessments. We appreciate your support in ensuring that your child was prepared and present for testing. Our teachers will use the results of each assessment to help determine what students are ready to learn next, use instructional grouping to support your child’s specific learning needs, and set individual growth goals with students that are standards and skill specific.

The results of these assessments will be shared with students and a detailed report will be provided to families in the coming weeks as students transition to in-person learning. Reports will be mailed to families of students who have chosen to remain as remote learners for the remainder of the year.

Final MAP Testing is Coming in the Spring

MAP Growth Assessments

We are in the process of planning for the Spring Administration of the MAP® Growth™ assessments. MAP Growth scores help teachers check student performance by measuring achievement and growth. Teachers use results from these assessments to adjust classroom lessons and instruction as well as to set goals for students.

The purpose of these assessments is to inform instruction, personalize learning, and measure academic growth between test administrations. For the most accurate results, students should test in-person. In-person learners will test during in-person instruction. Students learning remotely and virtually will have opportunities to test in-person during the school week. Transportation will be available by the district for remote and virtual students on select Wednesdays.

In-person testing produces stronger data for teachers as they adjust instruction to meet the needs of your individual student and better data for families to understand where each student is at in their learning trajectory. Testing in-person provides a more consistent and supportive testing experience and reduces the technology issues that students might encounter. Testing remotely is an option, if necessary.

Students will take the Math and Reading MAP Growth Assessments on separate days. In-person students will take the assessments on the following dates:

Cohort A Students: Monday April 19th and Tuesday, April 20th

Cohort B Students: Thursday, April 22nd and Friday, April 23rd

For remote only students, please complete the form linked below to indicate which set of dates works best for your child to attend in-person.

MAP Growth testing and if bus transportation is requested.

*Please note that remote only students who are requesting bus transportation will take both tests on the same date (either Wednesday, April 21st or Wednesday, April 28th).

Bus Information from GCS

Parent Portal - Parents/guardians must sign up to access bus assignment information

  1. To register for the PowerSchool Parent Portal, parents will need their child’s Student ID number (student’s lunch number and NCEdCloud username, which is used for remote learning.)
  2. Select “Parent Registration.”
  3. The students’ Parent Portal Access ID and Access Password will be sent to the parent/guardian through email, which will allow them to add the child to their Parent Portal Account.
  4. Parents/guardians can also receive their child’s Parent Portal Access ID and Access Password by contacting the Data Manager at the student’s school. Please be prepared to verify your identity as the student’s legal guardian.

3. You can also obtain your child’s bus information by contacting your school.

The new GCS Chromebooks are almost ready for distribution!

Every student is getting a GCS Chromebook even if they have a personal computer they use for school. This one will be used for school work only and students will be required to bring it to the building every day to use during class. If your student is remaining remote they will also still get a Chromebook, this will make it easier to troubleshoot issues if every student is using the same device and the GCS Technology department can provide the support needed.

Before your child can use their Chromebook we need parents/guardians to sign this digital form-

Make sure your child is checking the Media Center Canvas page for updates and tech tips and that they have complete the Nearpod lesson titled “Chromebook Introduction”.

Contact Mrs. Zamboni if you have any questions:

In PTSA News:

A shout-out to BSMS Parents!

PTSA continues to be amazed at your generosity. Because of the success of our Feather The Nest campaign, PTSA has funded special projects and mini grants this year. We thought you might like to know what your money has been used for:

  • New chairs and wobble stools for the Media Center
  • Additional cords and charging stations for classrooms
  • Virtual Talent Show offered free (no admission, no raffle baskets)
  • Additional funds for Hospitality (special treats and events for our staff)
  • Continuing Education/certification for one of our teachers
  • Four new microscopes for 7th and 8th grade science lab to replace broken and outdated ones
  • A classroom set of whiteboards and markers for one of our math classes so that students would not have to share with the new COVID restrictions in place
  • A partial set of graphing calculators for 8th grade math classes to ensure that ALL students have their own calculators to use in class, even if they do not have one from home they can bring
  • A pizza party for 6th grade to celebrate Pi Day
  • A lease to have a helium tank on campus to fill balloons for celebrations and incentives. (Did you know that balloons were part of the 6 days of back-to-(in-person) school for Cohorts A & B for 6th, 7th and 8th grades?)

Black History Month

As you know, it has been a very busy month with preparing for the re-opening of school. We definitely wanted to make sure that we devoted some time to honoring Black History Month. We have created a Canvas Resource page for students as an additional way to provide them with information. Our BSMS Way pledge speaks to embracing diversity and the importance of civic responsibility. With so much going on in the world today, I want our students at BSMS to know the importance of their voice and that they have the power to make positive change in the world.

Students have 5 opportunities to get extra credit that can be applied to a course of their choice. Students can only apply extra credit once per class. Students have until March 19th to complete the assignments for the extra credit.

Grading and Late Work Policy

To support students and families with timelines for submitting work, we have created the schedule below. These are hard deadlines that will occur throughout each quarter. Teachers will still give their due dates for assignments as this is needed to support instruction and also keep students from becoming overwhelmed. These dates below are to reduce the amount of "last minute" work that we have been receiving.

Please make a note of these dates and when students will be penalized for late work. Please be sure to follow your student’s work/assignments by going to Canvas and Powerschool to help support them in meeting the deadlines.

The dates below were just revised to match the Revised GCS Report Card/Interim Schedule

Big picture
Big picture

Curbsite Pickup for Library Books..

Curbside and contact free library checkout is available now! Just put what books you want on hold in Destiny or fill out this request and Mrs. Zamboni will let you know when your books are ready to be picked up. Visit the school website for more details!

Be sure to check out Mrs. Runtz' Morning Announcements!!

They are available everyday!!

Parents Need to Know Document