guinea pig scientists

by leslie dendy and mel boring

Baked Britishmen Character Analyses.

In this short story, one scientist went into a sauna and made the heat high enough to cook a steak. He knew that the bodies tempature was 98 degrees even though thermometers were scientific toys (page one). The scientist's name was George Fordyce. Later in the story George invited four men to join him in the hot room. Their plan was to raise the temperature to 200 degrees . Although Russians took steam baths at 160 degrees they knew the body could take 224 degrees.


The setting in this story is on a winter day in a hot room. In the hot room it was 200 degrees. In that hot room there were 4 men experimenting how much heat the human body can take until fatality.

Book Evaluation

I do not recommend this book to anyone. This book is intresting in the beginning but gets boring quickly. A book is worth reading if it is intresting through the whole story. In this case the book was not intresting through the whole story therefore it's not the best. This book didn't meet my criteria because some stories were nasty and discusting.
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