NCHS December Staff Notes

Safe Environment - Caring Staff - Engaging Instruction


  • Our School Exceeded Growth for the 4th year in a row! (total school growth)
  • Daniel Helms- Conference Coach of the Year, Women's CC won the Conference Championship (Kara Dunkle- The Cabarrus County and North Carolina winner of the High School Heisman.)
  • The Trojan Regiment was the "Grand Champion" at Cary Band Day 2015. 22 bands from around NC competed. Great job Sam.
  • Men's JV and Varsity Basketball are both 3-0. Congrats to Eric and Shane.
  • The NCHS JETS team finished 2nd in the Rube Goldberg competition at UNCC. Congrats to Mark Gironda and his students.
  • Student Attendance- November 2014- 92%. November 2015- 94%. That is approximately 24 more students here each day!
  • Student Scholarships have exceeded $3,000,000.
  • Thanks to Mrs. Weakland, Ms. Silver, and the AWSUM Club for hosting the Harvest Dance for Cabarrus County middle school students with disabilities.
  • Bill Connelly used technology in his class today. True Story!


Safety Training- All CCS staff are required to attend safety training provided by the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Department. Our training will be in the Williams Lab on December 15, 16, and 17. Each day you will attend training for 30 minutes during your planning period. The training will begin 10 minutes after each period. Please be on time so we can start and end on time.
Hall Passes- Please do not send students out of your room without a hall pass.
CCS Grading Practices- as the new semester approaches, please keep in mind that each PLC must have a consistent grading policy. All of the information presented to you last May and in August can be found here-

Guiding Principles

  1. Grades represent what students know, understand, and can do
  2. Grading procedures allow students to recover from initial failure, e.g. non-graded formative assessments, re-testing (the highest of the grades is counted)
  3. Grading procedures minimize the impact of behaviors, work habits, effort, late assignments, homework, attitude, etc.
  4. Grades make mathematical sense
  5. Grading is defensible and credible

Food and drinks in labs/laptop carts
- Please remind students that they are not allowed to have food or drink in the computer labs at any time. When students are using laptops in your classroom, they should not have food or drink on their desk.
Tardy Sweep- Unless a student has a pass, do not let them in your room after the tardy bell rings. Shut your door and send them to the attendance office. Inconsistency makes it harder for the majority who are doing what is expected.
Leave requests- Please see Mrs. Brandenburg if you have questions about the electronic procedure for requesting leave. If you are using advanced sick leave on a Friday, or the day before or after a holiday, you are required to submit documentation.
NCHS Budget request for 2016/17-

1. New locks on classroom doors/ Safety/ $15,000

2. Install new fire alarm system/ Systems (Fire, Surveillance, Phone/Intercom)/ $ 75,000

3. Replace piping and air handlers/ Mechanical / Environmental/ $50,000

4. Add artificial turf to stadium/ Construction (New, Add, Refurb, Renovate)/ $400,000

5. Rebuild football stadium including concession, field house and stands/ Construction (New, Add, Refurb, Renovate)/ $6,000,000

6. Construct school addition - classrooms - 5 year plan; Build new addition for admin offices; Expand dining room and kitchen areas/ Construction (New, Add, Refurb, Renovate) $8,990,600

7. Replace finishes in asbestos abatement areas. Replace dining VCT. Paint, Trim, Ceiling, Floor/ $125,000

8. Paint - interior and exterior Paint, Trim, Ceiling, Floor$ 50,000

9. Reconstruct dug out for softball. Repair tennis courts & add 2 ($270k). Improve track (8 lanes & synthetic)/ Playgrounds / Sports Fields/ $970,000

10. Install new bathroom partitions in school & stadium/ Kitchen, Bathroom, Plumbing/ $85,000

Important Dates

Dec. 5 - Alumni Basketball Game – 5:00pm

Dec. 6 - Paper Tiger/Gem Theater 6:00pm

Dec. 9 - SIT Meeting

Dec. 11 - National Honor Society – Staff Breakfast – Media 6:45am

Dec. 12 - Kannapolis Parade 6:00 pm

Dec. 15 - Chorus Concert

Dec. 16 - Mentor/Mentee Meeting 2:30pm

Dec. 18- Band Concert 7:00 pm NCHS gym

Dec. 18 - Christmas Luncheon (During lunches in media)

Dec. 21 - Plan/Staff Dev.

Dec. 22 - Annual Leave

Dec. 23-25 - Holiday

Dec. 28-31 - Annual Leave

Jan. 1 - Holiday – New Years Day

Jan. 6 - Faculty Meeting 2:30

Feb. 12 - Pep Rally 1:30