A place of amaze

A little bit about them

In Quebec witch is the largest Canaidian province in terms of area speak French as their main languge.


Coq av vin ,beef burgundy,pea soup,French onion soup,Tourtiere,Montreal bagels are the popular foods they have in Quebec.

Quebec City Winter Carnival

Friday, Jan. 29th, 12am

Vieux-Québec, Québec City, QC, Canada

Québec City, QC

It is one of the largest winter carnival.It is for all ages.Snow baths,ice canoe races,night parades and skating are some of the amazing things you can do in the Quebec City Carnival


Quebec is the only region in North America.There is a majority of people are French speaking North American.Up to 95% of all residents speak French.In Quebec they did classical dance after the world war two happened.Comic book that they have are following the European tradition.

History of The Ice Palace

The Ice Palace was built in 1971.That same year there were a lot of snow storms with strong wind.In the winter,1928 in Quebec on the corner of Buade and Des Juardins streets there was a ice sculpture of Club Automobile d Quebec.

Fun Facts

  • Canada eats mac' and cheese than any other nation on earth.
  • Quebec is a very cold place and when it snows it snows a lot
  • Canada Has the largest coastline in the world, 151,485