EdPuzzle Challenge


Create an EdPuzzle

Using tools like EdPuzzle allows teachers an easy way to engage students with videos, easily ask questions and gain helpful data on understanding

1. Take a few minutes to review the tutorial video below.

2. Go to www.edpuzzle.com

2. Create necessary account (Sign in with Google as a Teacher)

3. Choose search from the top and spend some time searching the various options for videos to use

4. Select a video you would like to use for class or to explore.

5. Edit video as needed:

6. Try voice over and add a few questions

7. Adjust appropriate settings for playback etc.

8. When you choose Finish you can share to a class or share link.

9. Please share a link to your practice example to our collaborative Padlet.


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3 Minute Teaching TOOL-Torial: EdPuzzle