BAMS Staff Newsletter

April 5, 2015 - Volume 2, Issue 27

It's a Great Day to Be Great!

Bessie Allen Middle School - SLO & Goals

Building SLO:

By June of 2015, 80% of students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will show growth in their opinion writing sample rubric score from the September 2014 writing benchmark based on the school developed writing rubric (adapted from the Smarter Balanced writing rubric).

Goal Update: Here are the results from our mid-year assessment

  • 6th Grade - 61% of students showed growth; overall achievement increased 14%

  • 7th Grade - 69% of students showed growth; overall achievement increased 12%

  • 8th Grade - 57% of students showed growth; overall achievement increased 3%

  • School wide - 62% of students showed growth

Building Goals:

DPI School of Recognition

PBIS School of Merit

Routinely Take Literacy Risks

Be a CEO

Driving Question for 2014-2015:

What have we changed with our instruction to prepare our students for the Badger Exam assessment (and other higher level thinking opportunities)?

Goals for SSR and SSW

For Year 1 of Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) and Silent Sustained Writing (SSW), here are our goals:

  • Provide a time for every student in our building to read and write.
  • Ensure this time is a positive part of our students' day.

News and Notes

  • Joan will be returning to work on Monday!! She was in over the break for a couple of days and things went well enough to start fresh on Monday. Please find some time to welcome her back this week.
  • A special "thank you" to Janice Hau for helping in the office with Joan out. It was great to have her as part of our BAMS Family for the past several months. She will be at school this week for a few hours catching Joan up on a few things. Janice will also be back subbing for Joan for some time off in April. Thank you, Janice!!!!!
  • In case you missed Maria's email, this is a reminder about having final purchases from your budget to me by April 10th. This is important so we can close the books on the 2014-2015 school year and start to get ready for next year's budget. Please come see me if you have any questions.
  • Take Risks - With the school year winding down, have the courage to try something new or take a professional risk with your instruction. Use this last nine weeks of the year to gather evidence and data on a new strategy or idea. :)
  • Badger Exam - We have this week to make our final tune-ups before testing begins next week. All testing materials will be ready for you on the day of testing (i.e. test tickets, rosters, security manual, testing manual, scratch paper, graph paper, mice, etc.). I will be in at team times to discuss anything still needing to be addressed. I'm excited that this opportunity is approaching! My schedule will be cleared for the testing days to support and help.

Out of the Office

The following times I will not be in the building or will be out of the office:
  • April 6th - 1:45-2:35pm - Honor's Study Hall
  • April 7th - 9-11am - Admin Team Meeting - DMR
  • April 8th - 8:30am - BAMS BCT Meeting
  • April 9th - 8:30am - District ELL Meeting - Deb's Office

Oriole Way - Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe

Discipline = To Maintain Safety, To Teach, and To Build Relationships

  • At the last meeting, the Oriole Way Team discussed the end of the year celebration and using a new form for tracking meeting minutes and notes.
  • If you need behavioral data for a student, please contact an Oriole Way Team member.
  • NEXT Meeting - April 15th, 7am

OASYS and Teacher Effectiveness

  • 2 Classroom Visits - Due by May 1st *These visits will be represented in your documentation log.
  • Documentation Log - Due by May 1st
  • End of Year Conferences for Year 3/New Educators - Due by May 31st

Click Here for a link to Teacher Effectiveness Info from CESA 6

Click Here for a Teacher Effectiveness Calendar for EDUCATORS/SPECIALISTS

Dates to Remember

      • April 7 - Pep Assembly 1:45pm
      • April 10 - Early Release 12:45pm-3pm
      • April 13 - Badger Exam Testing - 8th Grade

      • April 14 - Badger Exam Testing - 7th Grade

      • April 15 - Badger Exam Testing - 6th Grade *tentative

      • April 17 - School Dance 6-8pm

      • April 22 - Badger Exam Testing - 6th Grade

      • April 22 - Secretaries Day

      • April 22 - Staff Meeting 2:50-3:30pm

      • April 22 - Jazz Band Chili Supper 6pm

      • April 23 - Jazz Band Performance 8:30am - BAMS Cafeteria

      • April 24 - Badger Exam Testing - 6th Grade

      • April 27 - NFDL School Board Meeting, 7pm in DMR

      • April 28 - Badger Exam Testing - 7th/8th Grade

      • April 29 - Badger Exam Testing - 7th/8th Grade

      • April 30 - Oriole Leaders Meeting 10:40-11:40am

*See Google Doc titled "2014-2015 BAMS Yearly Calendar" for a look at events for the entire year.

Staff Meeting Agenda

Staff Meeting: April 10th - 12:50-1:15pm - DMR


    • Oriole Way Update/Data Review

    • Badger Exam Latest - Schedule, Info, Other

    • News and Notes

Next Meeting: April 22nd - 2:50-3:30pm - DMR

Highlights from March School Board Meeting

School Board Meeting - March 23, 2015

  • Recognition of Winter All-Conference Athletes
  • Recognition of Solo Ensemble Musicians
  • Recognition and Discussion of the Departure of 2 Board Members - John Duffy and Ryan Pelot
  • Update on Facility Planning Committee and Oriole Nation Booster Club
  • NFDL Fitness Center Grand Opening April 6th - still looking for someone to supervise

Parent Link Messages

We use a system called Parent Link to send mass messages to families. Please let me know if you need anything communicated.

Messages sent this week:

  • Badger Exam Testing Date Reminders - various days throughout the month
  • BAMS School Dance - sent April 6th
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