Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd grade Newsletter

November 15, 2015 Week 11 and 12

Up Coming Events

Nov. 18

** ELAR - Unit 3 Expository Reading test

  • Marco's Pizza Spirit Day

Nov. 20

  • Dennis Lee Assembly, 8:00 AM

Nov. 23 - 27 Thanksgiving Break


Week 11 - Students read an expository story called Penguin Chick. They worked with the following words: down, shuffles, echos, junior, fierce, and huddle. The skills for the week were multiple meaning words and main idea and details.

Week 12 - Last week students read a short novel called Molly's Pilgrim. This was a realistic fiction story about an immigrant girl who was teased by her classmates until her teacher helps them realize that Molly's ideas are interesting and valuable. She learns that her mother is a modern day pilgrim. They worked with the following vocabulary words: admire, burst, embroider, factory, ignorant, interrupt, pilgrim, synagogue, tease ,and tenement.

Week 13 - Dear Juno in Texas Treasures

Social Studies

Students tested on unit 4 and 5 this past week. Next week we will begin unit 7 and also continue to discuss the important people from unit 4. Unit 7 will focus on how communities change over time. Students will get a new vocabulary list for unit 7 soon, so look for it in their Dodd folder.

Future reading topics and stories

Many of you have been taking advantage of the Texas Treasures reading textbook and that is WONDERFUL!!! I I wanted to give you a list of the stories ahead of time so that you can either get a head start of at least know which story we will be reading each week. I will also include it weekly, so be on the look out.

November 16 - Dear Juno

November 30 - We will be reading short stories about letter writing and 'how to' reading and writing.

December 7 - Cook a Doodle Do

December 14 - Best Christmas Pageant Ever