Andrew Jackson: The Zero of Heroes

The Life and Crimes of President Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. A "Jacksonian Democrat", he believed in only the rights of the common man, and no one else. He ran twice for president, and in each he usually got the popular vote. But he took his first loss to John Quincy Adams hard, so Jackson criticized and ruined Adams' presidency at every turn. During his presidency, he was able to perform many actions that he believed would be better for the U.S., although ultimately, his decisions only sent us spiraling to our political and economic doom.

The Closing of the National Bank

Jackson felt that the U.S. National Bank was one that only appealed to the wealthy class and shunned the common man. However, the national bank would actually boost the economy and sort out many national financial problems. When Jackson deliberately vetoed the bill to keep it running, he basically doomed the future of the U.S. economy. In this political cartoon, Jackson is displayed as a form of tyrant, displayed in his unnecessary and unprecedented veto for the national bank. He is also shown with a ripped up constitution on the floor signifying that he thinks he is above the law.

The Trail of Tears

In the time of Jackson's presidency, he organized the biggest movement of Native Americans in history, also known as the Trail of Tears. Along this movement to new lands, known as reservations, for the Native Americans, thousands of people died of diseases like whooping cough, typhus, dysentery, cholera, and even just starvation.

"Spoils System"

To further along his political campaign and keep things running smoothly and powerful (mostly for him), Jackson used what is known as a spoils system for his presidency. A spoils system is when a president or other political man of power hires on only supporters of his or her own political standpoint. Jackson essentially cheated the system during his presidency by using this and firing anyone who didn't agree with his unwise ideas.
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