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Community Update April 30, 2021

Super Science Summer!

“Super Science Summer” is the theme for the district elementary summer school this year!

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Dear Mako Families,

The district summer school will be offered to students from June 21st-July 9th from 8:00-11:30 Monday through Friday. Currently, there will be one classroom per grade level with an average of 15 students in each classroom at the five elementary schools. Our Maryland Makos will be attending the District Summer School at Bobier Elementary School

Curriculum materials will be provided for teachers in language arts, math and science, and art. Reading materials will be aligned to the science themes for each grade level, making an exciting way to brush up on reading skills while also learning about science. The hands-on science activities for each grade level are as follows: 1st grade: Solids, Liquids, Gases; 2nd and 3rd grades: Force and Motion; and 4th and 5th grades: Machines at Work and Play. I

In addition, they are looking into offering a sports option for students two times per week. The summer school option will be available to a select group of students based on their individual needs. Students will be invited to register the first week of May.

If your student is invited to attend this opportunity, a permission slip will be sent home with your child on Monday, May 1. Please return it to the office by Friday, May 7th.

Hello Mako Families,

Our ASES Program will be hosting a Summer School at Maryland as well! Here are the dates:

June 21- July 2

July 5- July 9 Summer Recess (No Summer School)

July 12- July July 30

Time: 8:00am-3:30pm


Mr. Vargas will be sending information to all our families soon regarding registering for this summer opportunity. ASES is able to host about 40 students this summer. If more than 40 students sign up, a lottery will be held to select students and invitations will be sent out to those selected.

More information will be coming to our families soon!

Jumpstart and Enrichment at Maryland Elementary

This summer, we will also be hosting summer school opportunities at Maryland Elementary!

When: August 2- August 13, Monday-Friday

Time: 8:00am- 11:30am


Kindergarten Jumpstart (for incoming Kindergarteners)

1st Grade Jumpstart (for incoming First Graders)

2nd Grade: Enrichment STEM activities (for incoming 2nd graders)

3rd Grade: Enrichment Coding and STEM (for incoming 3rd graders)

4th Grade: Enrichment Physical Education and Movement (for incoming 4th graders)

5th Grade: Enrichment STEM (for incoming 5th graders)

We are so excited to be able to offer this summer opportunity to our families and students.

More information regarding registration will be shared with our families next week.

We are only able to host about 100 students, so we may have to use a lottery system to select students, if we have a lot of interest!

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UCSD Study at Maryland Elementary

We are excited to announce our collaboration with the UCSD Werheim School of Public Health on the Safer at School Early Alert Pilot, also known as SASEA. The SASEA study seeks to develop an early alert monitoring system for Covid-19 using wastewater samples and surface samples. As part of the study pilot, all classic students and staff will have access to Covid-19 response testing.

Only students whose parents provide consent will be included in the Covid response testing.

Our wastewater and classroom surfaces will be tested daily for traces of COVID-19. If the wastewater and a classroom surface test positive for COVID-19, the teacher and students will be invited to take a COVID-19 test, which will be administered by our school nurse. ONLY students with consent forms will be invited to take the COVID-19 test. Parents will be notified BEFORE the test is given to their student.

The test is non-invasive (it is NOT the test that goes deep into the nostril). With your help, UCSD hopes to develop an anonymous, low cost Covid monitoring system that can be used at schools and child cares across San Diego County.

For more information, check out the attached flyer, and a short video about the study! This video is great for kids to learn about research and the SASEA study at Monte Vista.

For additional questions, contact the researchers:

SASEA Flyer (English)

SASEA Flyer (Spanish)

SASEA Video (English)

SASEA Video (Spanish)

Consent Forms:



Thank you 5th Grade Parents,

For participating in our Survey. 60.6% of our parents voted for an In-person promotion for our 5th graders! We are in the process of planning this event for our Awesome Mako 5th graders.

We do have a lot of health and safety protocols that we will need to follow. These protocols were established by our district office to ensure we can have a safe event to honor our 5th graders.

Please take some time to read the following reminders that was shared on the survey:

Students, staff and only 2 family members can come on campus to be recognized in an outdoor ceremony.

~On campus format, with addition of safety protocols

~No performances or certificates handed out, per safety guidelines (this may change soon!)

~Assigned seating for guests, with social distancing in place

~Pre-registration required

~Masks required

~Only 2 guests per student, no out-of-state guests allowed without proof of vaccination

More information with be shared with our 5th grade families soon. Thank you all for your cooperation!

Hey Parents!

Palomar Family Counseling is hosting so many events!!

The following are NCPEI (North Coastal Prevention and Early Intervention) new events that will be facilitated in May (fliers are attached):

Link to May Mission Fed Cafecitos (May 12 and May 20, 2021) – Spanish only

Link to May 21, 2021 Family Game Night - English

Link to May 21, 2021 Family Game Night - Spanish

Other important Events/links:

Link to Incredible Years Parenting Flier- Spanish only (still open for enrollment):

Link to Dinoschool1234 Channel (4th and 5th grade videos added):

Link to Out and About Flier (free paddle boarding, kayaking, indoor sky diving indoor climbing, and to come golfing, horseback riding):

Teacher Appreciation Week

We're celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week next week by wearing one color of the rainbow each day! Click on the flyer below for all the details!

Let's show our teachers our support and appreciation for all they are doing for our students!

Hello Maryland Parents,

Maryland is able to offer the After School Education and Safety (ASES) Grant Program, both before and after school, to students grades 1st-5th. This is a cost-free grant program, based on student attendance, providing homework assistance, tutorials and enrichment activities for your child. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic applications for the 2021-22 school year will be online. The application can be found online at the school's website and below. Applications will be due June 1, 2021. Any applications received after June 1st will automatically be placed on the waiting list and families will be called if/when there is an opening. Students who are currently in the program are not guaranteed acceptance for the next year and need to re-apply.


May 3: Application Available

June 1: Applications Due

Aug 2: Parents are notified of their application status (waitlist/acceptance)

Aug 6: Registration Due

Application Link: application link will be shared on Monday, May 3, 2021

Open House Week

We are planning an Open House Week

Open House will look a little different this year!

During the Week of May 31- June 4 our amazing Mako teachers will be having an Open House week! Each grade level is picking a day in the week of May 31 to June 4 to have their Open House night.

The purpose of Open House is to showcase some of your student's work! This year, teachers will be planning to have students work on projects at school and during one night that week, students will share their projects with their families.

More information will be shared about this night in the upcoming month.

Weekly Mako Message

4.30.21 Weekly Mako Message

Upcoming Events and Calendar

Upcoming Events and Calendar:

  • May 11, PTA Meeting
  • May 31, Memorial Day
  • May 31- June 4, Open House Week
  • June 18, Last Day of School

District Calendar: HERE