My Love for Megan

(The following plan is subject to change upon request)

I invite you to a Date Night on Saturday, November 3rd 2012

I cordially invite you to spend this Saturday in the company of a gentleman mastermind who happens to be very much in love with you. Should you choose to accept, you will be escorted to the restaurant of your choice, and your meal shall be paid for in full.

The Plan

Saturday, Nov 3rd, 5pm

Houston, TX

Houston, TX

There will be no need to pick you up, considering the gentleman mastermind resides in the same housing unit as you. He will, however, link arms with you while he walks you down to his Toyota, and open and close the door for you. From here we will embark on our way to a restaurant, followed by a movie.

The Eats: Of Course I'm Giving You Options!

You will have four options for food on this evening.

Option number 1: The delicious Los Cucos, featuring Mexican cuisine with a light touch of culture in the atmosphere. A great choice if you're feeling something HOT.

Option number 2: You can never go wrong with a little bit of Morningside in your night time. Morningside Thai is a secret little Thai restaurant located near the beautiful Rice University campus. A table for two please ;)

Option number 3: Why not enjoy a little bit of the city you live in? Houston's is a great restaurant with stellar food and that is named for the best in Texas.

Option number 4: In the mood for some sushi and some sake? How about some Oiishi? Plenty of rolls to make us roll out the a wheelbarrow!


5:00 PM - Embark on our journey.

6:40 PM (approx.) - Finish our food and depart for a movie theater.

6:55 PM (tentative) - Arrive at a movie theater.


Argo: 6:50 and 8:05 PM

The Man with the Iron Fists: 6:40, 7:25, and 8:15 PM

Seven Psychopaths: 9:45 PM

Or we can go enjoy a nice glass of wine or a walk to nowhere together. The choice is yours.