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The Crowd-Pleaser: Majestic

This shower stall is the hottest one of all! Its sheer extravagant size is what it's known for. Showering in this one of a kind stall is a delight! It includes a sitting bench, perfect for when you've had a long day, stylish tiles and a large shower head, fit for a king! Keeping in mind, this modernized shower will give you the spotlight you look forward to. The alluring spot lights on the surface of the ceiling will give an impression of royalty, Nevertheless, being in one of these chic showers, will assure you great comfort for the relaxation you deserve. Also, significant bathing area presents a great abundance of space to offer access to extensive movement. Overall,this marvelous shower is the getaway you've been looking for!


* 10ft x 9ft

* Sitting bench included

* Stylish tile pattern

* Modern layout

* Scintillating lights

* Glass wall

* Large sliding doors

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