State Facts

Nevada, Rhode Island, New Jersey

New Jersey

  • Capital: Trenton
  • Nickname: "The Garden State"
  • Date of Statehood: December 18,1787
  • State Flower:Purple Violet
  • State Bird: Eastern Goldfish
  • State Tree: Northern Red Oak
  • 3 Interesting Facts: New Jersey has the highest percentage in population,Has the most shopping malls,All counties are considered metropolitan
  • 3 Tourist Attractions: Jersey Shore,Adventures Aquarium,Metlife Stadium

Rhode Island

  • Capital:Providence
  • Nickname:"The Ocean State,Little Rhody"
  • Date of Statehood:May 29,1790
  • State Flower: Violets
  • State Bird:Rhode island Red
  • State Tree:Red Maple
  • 3 Interesting Facts:Is the smallest state,This state was home to the first ope golf tournament ,The first circus in the U.S was in Newport
  • 3 Tourist Attractions: Worlds largest bug,Florence Nightingale's nurse cap,Fighting SeaBee statue


  • Capital:Carson City
  • Nickname:"Silver State,Sagebrush State"
  • Date of Statehood:October 31,1864
  • State Flower:State Bird: Mountain Bluebird
  • State Tree:Single Leaf Pinon
  • 3 Interesting Facts: 45% of Nevada's revenue derives from tax on gambaling ,About 150 couples get married each day in Las Vegas,Nevada
  • 3 Tourist Attractions:Angel Park Golf Club Palm Course, Arroweck Country Club Challenge Course,Chapel at Monte Carlo

By: Yosuani Palacios