know environmental inpacts


Erosion kayaking

Kayaking can lead to erosion due to when you are getting pushed into the lake your kayak is rubbing against the edge of the lake and it is going to erode away. Also kayaking can cause erosion because when your in the lake kayaking and you bump into the sides you are hitting the rocks repeatedly and you are making it erode away. kayaking results in erosion because if the lake is too shallow and the kayak rubs against the bottom then its going to make everything erode.

Erision climbing

Climbing can cause erosion due to too many people one after the other constantly climbing back and forth up the rocks. Climbing can also lead to erosion through you walking from your car to the climbing face wall you are causing erosion threw that.


Kayaking pollution

Kayaking can cause pollution because if you go to the kayaking place for the hole weekend people can drop litter everywhere and it is causing pollution for you, animals and other people around you. Also kayaking can cause pollution through cars because if you travel to the kayaking part via car and it leaks oil as you drive, you are causing pollution in the air for people to breath in and get ill.

Climbing Pollution

Climbing results in pollution as a result of if you travel to the local car park for the climbing wall and you have an oil leak you can cause pollution from your car. Climbing can lead to pollution due to litter, if you have been sat around having a picnic and you leave litter everywhere it is causing pollution for the climber and it will cause health and safety issues as well.

Wildlife Disturbance

Kayaking Wildlife Disturbance

Kayaking impacts on Wildlife Disturbance due to, when you are making the pond and digging out a big hole for the river or lake to go in, you are disturbing wildlife because if is destroying their natural habitat and their homes they are living in. Also kayaking can lead to wildlife disturbance because if there is plants around then it could disturb nest in the plants if you are constantly getting moved about and pushed. As well as that kayaking can lead to wildlife disturbance through walking to the kayaking lake the path you are walking on has wildlife underneath the path and you are disturbing the wildlife threw walking.

Climbing Wildlife Disturbance

climbing impacts on wildlife disturbance due to if you build a climbing wall on the ground and people are constantly climbing up and down the rock wall face you are disturbing the wildlife under the ground and they will lose their habitat and will have nowhere else to go. Also climbing can cause wildlife disturbance because when you go rock climbing and you are climbing up mountains there could be bird nests in the holes on the rock wall and people climbing up and down knocking the nests and breaking the nest is going to make the mother bird leave her baby birds and then they will die from not getting fed and the mother not have anywhere to live anymore.

Construction OF Facilities

Kayaking Construction Of Facilities

Kayaking can lead to construction of facilities because if the lake is far out in the country side, you are going to have to build or make a road to get you to the lake and this is going to pollute the environment because the tarmac is going to have fumes in it. As well kayaking can cause construction of facilities through if it is a man made lake, that is going to disturb the wildlife and can cause pollution if oils or littler goes in the lake. finally kayaking can impact on construction and facilities as a result of if there is a cafe or a toilet built in the similar area you are disturbing the wildlife and polluting the air because lorries and vans will have to drive down and do deliveries and what comes out of the verchals will be pollution to the area.