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January Newsletter celebrating your December 2015

Hey Sistas!

I'm catching up from December and love seeing how y'all were sharing Thirty-One all over the place! The holidays were exciting! We are headed into another gifting season now with Weddings, Graduations, and Baby Showers around the corner! Remember, Sharing is Caring! Share how Thirty-One is a great gift for every occasion! You love it and they will, too!
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Top in Personal Sales!

These team members sold at least $600 (the amount of one average party) this month!

Way to ROCK IT OUT, Theresa!

Theresa Tynan $ 4,656.79

Candice Kennedy $ 3,712.72

Tara Gabbianelli $ 3,694.98

Lizzy Fontaine $ 3,432.40

Stacy Santiago $ 2,580.82

Jessica Martin $ 2,219.57

Richenda Stallard $ 1,649.00

Mary Bhuiyan $ 1,551.98

Cyndi Ross $ 1,347.58

Alison Hague $ 1,308.84

Kristin Misko $ 1,076.96

Elizabeth Chepan-Mitchell $ 1,021.64

Julie DenOuden $ 1,005.99

Laura Guth $ 968.92

Jewell Forbes $ 945.70

Jodi Boyd $ 902.81

Pamela Viehmann $ 890.00

Triva Eppolito $ 793.00

Deanna Davidson $ 783.93

Kristin Smith $ 771.00

Kat Jenkins $ 710.90

Amanda Grant $ 682.89

Katie Hamilton $ 642.97

Donna Acevedo $ 640.76

Sharing the LOVE ~ Top Sponsors!

These Sistas added one new Sista to their family!

Stacy Santiago

Richenda Stallard

Welcome New Sistas!

Maurine Holton

Thirty-One Anniversaries!


Donna Acevedo

Susan Mabry


Jill Eckroth


Nicole Lambourn

Laura Seibert

Ashley Noel

Laurie Russo


Happy Birthday to YOU!

These team members celebrate their birthday in January!

Jessica Orner

Laura Seibert

Erica Hovis

Jill Eckroth

Celeste Robinson

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