Hero Project

By: Colin

My Friend, My Hero, My Dad

My personal hero will always have a special spot in my heart. He always shows great work ethic, and phenomenal leadership. He is a great person, and also a great friend. My hero always has my back, will always comfort me, and he always makes me feel fantastic! He has taught me so much throughout my lifetime. He has taught me things as simple as saying your “please and thank you's”, to being a hardworking person. Being around my hero brings me joy that is unbeatable. My hero brings out the best in me. My hero is my dad.

The Definition of a True Hero

According to the Online Merriam Webster Dictionary, “ A hero is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.” To me, a hero is an individual that springs into action when times are tough. This can be from a superhero perspective, saving a child from a burning building, or a scenario that relates more to me in my life, helping someone close to you if they are feeling down. A hero can be someone as great as Superman, or as simple as your brother that lifted your spirits when someone was making fun of you. Someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves to help others is considered a hero to me. According, to National Geographic,“in a study of 4000 adults in the United States, 55% had helped during an emergency, 8% confronted an injustice, 14% had defied unjust authority, and 5% had sacrificed for a stranger”. If you take 4000 Americans and more than half of them helped in an emergency, this shows that a hero can be as simply as an everyday citizen. Heros in our world can be closer than you think. The next person that I walk past could be the next person that will save my life. You'll never know who will step up in a difficult time and be your hero. Will it be a teacher? A parent? Or a stranger willing to risk their life for you.

A hero is a person whose goal is to help others by setting a great example. A hero is a parent that always lifts their child's self esteem. A hero is an athlete that gives back by donating to charity. A hero can be anyone. Whether your hero is a big name celebrity, or a parent, they impact your life in so many ways. Imagine a kid feeling depressed because of his bad day at school. Consider the stress that this child is facing. His art project that he worked on forever is lost on the day he is supposed to turn it in. This is a prime opportunity for a hero to step in. Knowing the stress the child is facing, the parents step in and help their child. This is something so small that can mean the world to someone. This is a heroic action, and anyone can do this. It's not just Superman saving lives. You could be somebody's next hero by just being there for them and showing care and compassion!

A hero is somebody that will crawl to the ends of the earth to make sure your happy. My hero recently had to have bypass surgery to have a new way to get blood to the heart. It is horrifying knowing that my hero that I love dearly was close to death. But as heroes do, they find a way to stay tough and persevere. I'm always told by my hero to stay positive and never give up, I was always a little skeptical about this until I saw my hero do this when it was his only option. It has motivated me to be a stronger person as I remind myself how my hero persevered through a difficult time. This showed great character, and really defined my true meaning of a hero.

A hero is much more than the image that might first come to mind, such as a superhero like Superman saving the day. A hero is an individual working their best to make you feel great. My hero has had some hard times in his life, but has found a way to get through them. His tenacious attitude has rubbed off on me. I have learned from my hero to always try your best no matter what, never give up, and also to be kind to everyone. All heroes have one thing in common, they have had a great effect on us that has helped to shape our lives.

Thanking My Hero

Dear Dad,

I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. You have helped shape me into the person I am today. Without you, I wouldn't have learned the true meaning of work hard. Hard work is the reason I’m able to keep up with my classmates. If it wasn’t for you, I would be struggling and falling behind. Thankyou so much. Also, at a very young age I was always taught to have good manners. I will be using what you taught me all of my life. You will always be teaching me life skills, whether you know it or not. So thank you for being a great role model, and a great guy.

From your son,