Andrew Jackson a hero I think not

By: Ethan Minchew


Andrew Jackson is a Democratic Republican. He believe in the best for the common man.He think that the National Republican where greedy wealthy people who didn't care about the common man. Web source:

National bank

Andrew Jackson didn't believe in national bank. He thought that it only help the wealthy Americans. When the bank bill came up Andrew Jackson veto the bill closing the national bank. In the end the the government would need the National bank and no have on so Andrew Jackson messed up the common man because they had no where to brow money from the bank.

Andrew Jackson president darkest moment

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History vs. Andrew Jackson - James Fester
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Indian removal act

In May 28, 1830 the Indian removal act was enacted this signed  the Indian move out west on the trail of tears. Some got the deal for being moved on stemboats buut others ddint get the deal and where forced to walk.

The trail of tears

Andrew Jackson wanted to get the Indians off the land till the Oklahoma. Some tribe didn't want to move peace some got deal other where force to walk the trial many die and my cry even men. the one who got the deals where stem boated in and horse toke there luggage to the reservation.