Sammy Davis Jr's life

early years

Sammy Davis Jr. was born in New York in 1925. When he was really little he heard his mom playing the piano and he loved the sound. By the time he was 3 years old, he got on stage for the first time but later in his childhood he preformed on stage with his dad and the will maston trio.

Sammy in Showbuisness

Sammy Davis Jr. served in the entertainment unit during WWII. He then came back to New York to continue his showiness career. Then he went solo and made 2 albums that were good enough to make headlines in New York and Las Vegas. He stared in many movies on Broadway, some were big hits. Then he got on a really bad life-threatening car crash that permanently ruined his left eye. While he was in the hospital he discussed philosiphey with a rag-by in the hospital. after he recovered he converted to Judaism;.
Mini Bio: Sammy Davis, Jr.

After the crash

Even though interracial marriage was illegal in 31 states Sammy still got married to a Swedish actress named May Bitts. They had one girl together and adopted to boys, in there 8 year marriage. he was married a second tome to a dancer named Altivis Gore.

After his song Candy Man in 1972 his popularity dropped in the rest of the 70's.

His final years

Sammy Davis Jr. had to fight for his civil rights because of the racism that he persevered through he was so good that he made people change there buisness because of him he also made them not care about his race he made them care about his music and his ability that he had. He co-stared in a movie with Gregory Hinze called Tap wich made people remember his accomplishments throughout the year and people still are motivated by him today. He died of cancer when he was 64.