Applied Chemistry

what other things can relate to, applied chemistery.

Applied Chemistry

Study of chemical elements and compounds.


Science of compositions ,matters especially atomic systems and molecular system.


A scientist specializing in chemistry .

chemical engineer

Branch of engineering that is concerned with the design plus works with chemical.

What does a chemist do ?

We think that the chemist observes components to make things by mixing chemicals.

what does a chemical engineers do ?

Combines chemistry and engineering to help solve problems related to world hunger.

how much they get paid?

About $112,565 about a year for chemist .

Chemical engineer :

Average High Low

Baltimore, MD 21239 $93,000 $115,000 $73,000

National $94,000 $116,000 $74,000

what other jobs they have to take care of ?

Chemical Engineer: somtimes they have to supervise the central pumping station to make sure it flows. Some chemical engineers have make designs and invent new processes.

Chemist: need to study and make new chemicals. Have to work in labs and research. Some have to teeach.