Ancient Rome

Sonnie Evans


My presentation is on Ancient Rome a beautiful country, with a rich and equine culture. Did you know that Rome is the city of 7 hills? One of the 7 hill villages Latium that make up Rome is named after the latin's, did you Know that? My point is Rome is rich in history and it is interesting history! Now here are some things I learned well studying Rome.

Rome the City of 7 Hills

Rome the city of 7 hills was bilt next to the Tiber River. South of the Tiber lays a plain that in ancient times was known as Latium. After the Latin shepherds and farmers who lived there. But in the west part of the hill country lived the Sabines, ( distant kinsmen of the Latin's ) they moved into the Peninsula from central Europe before 100 B C., they vanished there original inhabits. There are 7 low hills on the left bank in front of them the Tiber is shallow. Also because the water is so shallow in front of Palatine they can trade with the wealthy Ftruscans. The 6 empty hills soon became villages and then later they became one city, the city of Rome. So Rome was born.

Kings of Early Rome

The kings of early Rome kept 2 written document, both left unfinished. The kings of Rome kept the city so full of myths and fables it is hard to know what is true or false. Romulus and Remus who were thought to be mythical by some, founded the city of Rome in 753 BC. Nuna succeeded after Romulus. He is described as a wise and pious ruler.

Strugles Between the Rich and Poor

Struggles between the rich and poor were mostly economic. The rich were wealthy landowners how always had the best land. Rome's population was raising to fast ( taxes raising as well ) caused the poor to be slaves because they could not pay there taxes. Constant warfare fell most heavily on the Pebeians, who HAD to leave to fight state battles. Soon resolved debt laws limited holding to 300 acre's, it also completed large landowners to employ a certain amount of free labors. A lot different now, right?


I did not no a lot about Rome when I started! I am so glad I chose Rome. I liked learning about the way Rome started. Rome is a cool place and has preserved the beauty through out the years. I hope you liked my presentaion


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