Amanda Harris

Musician At work!

A little bit more about me

Hello, Mrs. Lyon-- yay I even spelled it right! I enjoy anything and appreciate everything about music. It is the biggest part of my life that I thoroughly enjoy, and I hope to take it to college to get some scholarships. Music is everything to me and words will never explain my love for it. I have been playing clarinet for 6 years now and have no intention of stopping. I also enjoy reading, writing, and contemplating world domination... Oh, I mean world peace.

My family is just as crazy as any other; as a whole, we put the fun in dysfunction, and my holiday break was quite dysfunctional--in a good way. Christmas was entertaining because we just sat around our living room with my grand parents and played board games all day. We even had fun doing so, which is some of the first times that my family has been actually able to laugh and have no stress around that holidays.

Over break, I did nothing, and it was the best nothing I have ever done. Netflix became my best friend and my social life was put on hold for a little family time. I had my birthday over break, and I learned that a 17th birthday isn't as exciting as the 16th or presumably the 18th birthdays around it. Oh, well.

My best friend and I spent New Years in a car wash terminal...
Explaining that story would take longer than this assignment has space for, but there's your answer.

I would like to be involved in the poetry club, the blood drive, or GSA. I am currently a member of the band, which takes up most of my time, but I also participate in theater when I can.

Fun Fact: I have written a 140+ page book...
And over break I found out that I lost the only digital copy that I had of it. Because of that, I intend on re-writing it and starting from scratch with the original idea for the plot line.