Roberts Library Update

Week of October 29th

Thank you to Mrs. Nabors!

Thank you to Mrs. Nabors for purchasing rolling crates for grades K-4. I have delivered these to the grade level chairs. They will be used for transporting chromebooks to/from the library. Brandi Mitchamore is going to snap a picture of how she SAFELY gets all chromebooks into the cart (please don't lay them flat and stack them). I will share the picture with you when she has hers packed up and ready! Please check this update each week to determine if you need chromebooks in the library.

This week FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD grades will need chromebooks.

Cross Your Fingers!

This week Brandi and Brandye (how do you like that :) ) will be submitting grants to the Education Foundation. Cross your fingers that our hard work pays off and we can bring exciting new items to our campus!

The Roberts Library Has a Facebook Page

Did you know the Roberts Library has a Facebook page? Please follow our page for pictures of all the wonderful things we are doing in the library.

Click this link to follow us!

What the Heck, Mrs. Roland?

I have had a few questions about a couple of things. Here are the answers:

  • What's with the AR Star Classes and Students? How do you determine this?
Answer: This is just a way to recognize kids and classes for their hard work. The kids get so excited about hearing their name or their classroom's name each week. For the classes, I try to find something cool to celebrate. Sometimes it is number of tests. Sometimes it is average percent correct. In short, whatever is AWESOME! For the kids, I pick the top point earner in the grade (but they MUST have an average at 80% or above). If the top point earner doesn't have at least an 80%, I choose the next highest.

  • What's up with the AR posters?

Answer: This is another way to reward the kids for a job well done. The problem? It was brought to my attention that there are some students who have VERY high points, but didn't get a poster. My answer to that is...I was trying to print only two per grade (to save poster printing cost). However, Nabors is cool with me printing more! So...from now on I will do the top class (with top five kids in that class) AND 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd for each grade level. I hope this makes it better!

  • Why am I sending kids to the library for open checkout and they are sent back?

Answer: This could be for a few different reasons. The most common is that the kids are coming down when it isn't open checkout time. I promise you, my goal is for the library to be open as much as possible. However, there are some times during the day that just don't work for open checkout. Please peek at your schedule. If you send them during open checkout and they come right back I am probably not there. Occasionally, I have to tend to a digital issue and Jodie is not in the library. For those times, I apologize, but sometimes that just can't be avoided.

Congratulations to the following AR Star CLASSES:

1st: Mrs. Sanders class has a 91% average for this nine weeks!

2nd: Mrs. Williams' class has a 90% average for this nine weeks!

3rd: Mrs. Rosenkranz's class has a 90 % average for this nine weeks!

4th: Mrs. Kneupper's class has an 87% average for this nine weeks!

Congratulations to the following AR Star STUDENTS:

1st: Ryan Sealy has 9.9 points!!

2nd: Colby Bergman has earned 9.6 points!!

3rd: Yussef Chouai has earned 38.6 points!!

4th: Yashir Villa has earned 46.9 points!!

Classes Currently in the Lead:

1st: Mrs. Rathbun's class has earned 111 points!

2nd: Mrs. Williams' class has earned 69 points!

3rd:Mrs. Brown's class has earned 89 points!

4th: Mrs. Kneupper's class has earned 197 points!